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First flight with the wife : Baie de Somme - Northern France

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  • First flight with the wife : Baie de Somme - Northern France

    Inspired (like the rest of the world) by Vance's flying adventures, I have been feeding the defunct french forum with narration of my gyro learning process and fun times...
    Here is yesterday's debrief : First navigation with Sylvia.
    She deserves big thumbs up for enthousiasticaly hopping onboard with the beginner pilote and even willing to help with navigation matters !!!

    After a brief hesitation, today is "the Day of the Deads" after all, we decide that a sunny sky is not to be neglected.
    On the long haul to the base (2.5 hrs), I answer all possible questions and let her freak at the idea of having to operate the radio since I have the machine to fly for my part.

    To my surprise she quietly returns that since she does not speak french (She's German), she'll do the navigation stuff !!!

    Our first good laugh comes at the french border where anti-terrorism measures force you to "Slow down - Checquing !"

    Once at the airfield, all the machines seem to have been pushed out... but a group of pilots are mumbling on the grass, and by french standards THAT is not a good sign !!!
    "No more fuel. Pump is down !" they say.
    That was without counting on President Bernard who, within 10 mins is driving in 'The Beast' (not that his car is specially armoured... it just smokes like a dragon !)... Fully loaded with jerrycans and precious liquid.
    Within half an hour, the whole armada is in the air.
    Bernard for President !

    I'm not yet an artist with the Calidus and take off lacks rudder, I confess. (Maybe I'm too demanding as passenger was only reading her notes and did not blink !)
    This flight is taking us to the Baie de Somme. A coastal area filled with water ponds, sand waves at low tide and a natural reservation with low flight restriction.
    It was scheduled for 1.5 hr duration... lasted 2, between 360° and personal play.

    Sylvia was a charm to fly with, commenting the scenary, asking for informations and spotting stuff that I had not seen.
    The country side is always blast to look at from the sky, but some farmers with too much time and probably a bit of GPS sweat even managed to turn their fields in art pieces !!!
    It almost equaled the emotion of my first ever beach flight. (I need to take Mom with me sometimes !!!)

    My only discomfort was the heavy holiday activity on the very nearby airfields generating lots of traffic on a very popular fly zone.
    We spotted some very near neighbours on two occasions. When I can read your registration... I consider it close !

    Still it was a regretful 'goodbye' and a promise to come back someday that put an end to the seashore adventure.

    I'll try to share some of the pics we took...
    and a link to the video I cut for each flight.... Still no promise :my computer wisdom falls even shorter than my flying experience !!!

    Safe fun flights to all !
    Fred / Grodou
    Promoting gyro training at french "Godasses Volantes" club :

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    Merci, danke, grazie, thank you for posting! Beautiful country. Keep posting. Ray


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      if you go a bit further west to Le Havre St Romain airfield contact me before and we can meet up.

      I shall be going to Lens again soon to work on the ELA with a Gyro Tech rotor and will send you a PM, if you're free it's not far from Arras come and say hello.
      Mike G


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        A handsome couple with a great story well told.

        You did a lovely job of connecting the people to the experience Fred.

        I am proud to have been an inspiration for such art.

        I look forward to more of your gyroplane adventures.

        The rudder on takeoff is just a matter of practice. It is helpful to you and us that you mentioned it to help all of us improve.

        It is seldom that I have a flight without some misstep and I only learn when I recognize them.

        I have found Ed is better at spotting traffic than I am and love the pictures she takes when she comes along.
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        Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI


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          Thank you so much for sharing this adventure, Mike.



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            Hi Fred, cool trip and congrats on your wife. It doubles the pleasure being able to share it with someone.

            -- Chris.

            P.S.: I hope they are able to setup a new forum soon. Seems a bit paranoid to me to shut down the old French forum but what do I know.... ;)
            Read about my trip across the USA in an MT03 gyro here.


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              Hello everyone and thank you for your encouragements !
              The beginner is always cautious about sharing with the experienced, but I found out with honesty there is always something going coming out of it !
              Since it is very unlikely that a new french forum be set up, IMO... I'm likely to work on my taste for intenational communications. ^^

              Mike G : I must refrain myself from over doing the flight hours budget between the long haul and the rental... There for, I'm not in Arras as often as I wish (Quite a common problem I guess in the gyro community, right ?) As I mentioned, on french thread, I am looking at planning a "Grodou Flight Tour 2018" to gradualy better my travelling skills. I'll gladly fly over to your place and a few more since "whataboutameeting" notes are regularily hitting my mail !
              I feel it happen again... in my previous sport, I used my speech and diplomacy to set up an organization that quickly hit +15 nations and facilitated meetings all year. I toured the world jousting from US/CND to OZ/NZ, Scandinavia,UK, Poland, Italy... you name it. It was all about the fun of getting to or hosting friends and sharing experiences. This gyro story is slowly taking the same turn... That's odd !!!

              Chris : There is a bout a bit of paranoļa in the forum closing... but mostly no understanding of how internet works, and probably lack of will to keep up with maintenance. No regrets, let's work around that !

              Looking forward for the next steps in this adventure !!!

              Safe, but fun... but safe flights to all !
              Promoting gyro training at french "Godasses Volantes" club :