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  • Barry Days Invitational

    Barry Kroplin's October invitational (RSVP not requested) was as enjoyable as ever! Where else can you find everything from an open stick frame Gyro Bee to a eurotub AR-1, and everything else in between? Air Command, RFD, Avio Mania, Snobird were just a few of the recognizable mfg to be found. What with Barry's custom built rotary and jet engine gyros who could go wanting for interesting conversation and engineering to explore ? Guess what the highlight of the gathering was? His daughter's home-made pineapple upside down cake. Man, oh man, talk about a taste of heaven! No one got a photo of THAT, I'll bet, cuz we were all too eager to eat it to be bothered with thinking about preserving what one looks like, prior to decimation, for future generations.
    GT Mills
    Peachstate Rotorcraft Club

    Mohawk Aero Corporation
    PO Box 30133
    Savannah, GA 31410

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    Any Photos , Movies?