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Wrens CHALLENGE 2018 - Sep 15 - Carolina and FLA vs. GA!!

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    Hey folks, I checked with Nandi S., Vice President of EAA 172 (our primary host for this weekend) and he confirmed that Wrens Fly-in is 100% ON as planned and that any (weather related) rumors to the contrary are false.

    See you all this weekend!



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      Originally posted by Piot135pd View Post

      ...and I still don't get any emails from PRA...
      Hey Carlos,

      You going to Fly your MTO over from Texas?


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        :( sorry to have to miss it. The rain chances on Sunday along our route are higher than we can deal with and we have to be back on Monday.
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          Now Joe.... you know you can always trailer !! Besides the rain cleans the bugs off ! :)


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            Originally posted by Piot135pd View Post

            ...and I still don't get any emails from PRA...
            That is easy to correct. Just go here and signup to receive our emails.

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              Wrens Fly-in 2018 on September 15, 2018 is still ON!

              Allen Nodorft, president of EAA 172, which is responsible for the Wrens Fly-in, just sent the following e-mail. Even with hurricane Florence hitting the North & South Carolina coasts the WRENS FLY-IN IS STILL ON!

              Subject: Wrens Fly-in
              Date: Sep 12, 2018 10:02 PM
              I have been getting a lot of questions about if we will go ahead with Wrens Fly-in. At this time the weather looks favorable with possibly above normal winds. We will continue as folks from neighboring states have already committed to come. Please support and come out for a good time.



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                We're is perfect......and there's lots of flying going on


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                  With all the wind sure makes it easy to hover like a helo.....well pretend to hover anyway!


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                    Barry and JC are right!!! Wrens Challenge is ON, and blades have been poppin'!!

                    We have at least 8 gyros here already and about twice as many gyro heads, and the number is growing.

                    Yesterday evening there was no wind and the flying was glorious.

                    This morning there were slowly increasing winds straight down the runway that yes, made hovering oh-so-easy. Hey... hovering is hovering isn't it.?

                    Folks... the Wrens weather forecast has changed very little for the last 3 days, and there is pretty much zero chance of rain until Sunday. Yes... there is some wind, but who cares when you have a great gathering of gyros and gyro-heads!

                    Come on out! Don't let the news network hype deter you. Just keep a close eye on the local weather forecasts. Wrens forecast is below.

                    P.S. - Sorry the FLA guys couldn't fly up. In this case, I'd do the same thing. See you next month at Barrys.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Wrens_weather2.JPG
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                      OK... I have updated the tally here:


                      ...and I see now we have 10 gyros on the tarmac... including the JET GYRO... and that number can only increase.

                      And let's not forget about the gyro people... it's all about the people...

                      See you soon,



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                        OK folks... stop the presses... After getting back from a nice brunch at Wrens Huddle House, where I typed that last message, I learned that the CAROLINA Barnstormers... being CAROLINA Barnstormers that they are... have changed their departure schedule. They are currently packing up, and will be leaving later this afternoon. What is it with these Carolina guys?!? Geeesh!

                        Some of us GEORGIA folks will be staying here and leaving tomorrow, probably mid-day.

                        So, we are still having fun. Scott Essex is flying now. But if you are planning on coming out on Saturday, there may just be a handful of us left here.

                        If you are coming out, it will be great to see you, but just wanted to let you know what you'll be driving into.

                        Until next time,



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                          Is the JET GYRO flying? I like that gyro.
                          David Bacon


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                            The fly in is over.

                            We drove down from NC and arrived around dusk last night. 1 gyro was being loaded on a trailer and everyone else was gone. There's nobody around this morning. See ya next year.


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                              Hey Eric,

                              It was nice meeting you. That was me last night. Once folks started leaving, everything started deflating like a balloon. Thanks for letting us know what's going on this morning. Officially, Wrens is a gyro-friendly multi-aircraft type EAA fly-in. I am wondering if some fixed wings decided to brave the winds and fly-in. Usually a good number do. This year, I suspect they may not. Definitely will be no ultralights flying in.

                              Anyway, I have your contact info. I will send you the details for the Carolina Barnstormers Fall Wing-ding soon. It is in about 5 weeks. Be careful though, once the Barnstormers find out you are from Carolina now, they will do everything they can to abduct you into their 'club.' Forcefully if necessary. Ha Ha.



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                                Really Eric? I feel bad for you. That sucks given that it was posted in large bold text that the fly in is today the 15th.