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    Screen shot of the weather prediction for next week. Come on out!


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      El Mirage is a special place and the Ken Brock Freedom Fly In is a special event.

      I am performing some maintenance on The Predator today getting her ready for the 500 mile adventure.

      We just finished her 100 hour service.

      I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

      Ed has Jury Duty so I will be solo and bumming rides to and from the motel in Adelanto.

      If anyone wants to share a room I am game. Bring earplugs because I snore loudly.

      I hope to leave Thursday September 21 as soon as the fog lifts from the Santa Maria Public Airport.

      Depending on the weather I may go by way of the Taft/Kern County Airport to General William J Fox Airfield or Santa Paula to Agua Dulce if it is nice along the coast.

      I look forward to seeing you there.
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      Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI


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        That sounds great David, your getting closer
        David Bacon


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          The weather is looking good 70's and 80's low in the 50's, It just don't get much better than that
          David Bacon


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            Well I guess it is time to reappear at KBFF this year. Hope to fly out in the helicopter Friday and/or Saturday and say hi to everyone. The combination of jet fuel, doing some practice shooting, steak dinner, setting a new land speed record on a dirt bike (personal record is 115MPH at El Mirage)and watching flying lawn chairs having way more fun (than should be legal) is too hard to miss. For once, not buried in work projects. No more taking apart and building A-320's, so looking forward to getting sunburned with the rest of you.

            Vance said " Just finished her hundred mile service", you mean a hundred hour service?

            The only two things I ever owned that needed a regular 100 mile service was a Harley(I could not resist) and a FIAT.
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            You are only as good as your last flight


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              I look forward to visiting with you Scott.

              Yes, I intended to type 100 hour service but somehow it didn't work out.

              My letter of deviation authority requires hundred hour services done by an A&P in order to charge for training in an experimental gyroplane.

              Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI


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                Vance, looking forward to talking with you, as always. Lot of "history" has happened since the first day we first met at el Mirage, and you showed an interest in flying gyros. I could tell that you had the "itch"then; You were asking all the right questions and were determined to pursue that goal, once the personal issues you were (then) facing were resolved. Now you are teaching others about the best kept secret in aviation.

                A hundred hour service is standard in helicopters/airplanes for commercial flying and flight training, so they are just following protocol.

                So my El Mirage personal (and completely legal) dirt bike land speed record is 115MPH. The that means I only need to find another 150MPH OVER that (265MPH) to match your achievement in motorsports. My 1991 Honda 500 cc might not quite get going that fast, unless it is off a cliff.

                Have a safe flight out to El Mirage Vance, and see you soon.
                You are only as good as your last flight


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                  I enjoyed the fly-in greatly even though I am not flying anymore ( old age is the pitts !!!} . It was good to see and visit with old and new friends and how about them two gals . Chris and Britta,s flyin' in from Az each in her own gyro ?


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                    After a several year absence from KBFF ,due to work schedule issues, it was nice to see all the regulars and new faces..........

                    Marion, it was nice to see you again. I enjoyed your story about the remote controlled Air Command that liked to crash every time it flew. More Hollywood money and ego... than brains.

                    Vance I was there on two separate days, saw you flying around, but never connected, too bad. Maybe we meet at Camarillo or Van Nuys , and catch up on whats been going on.

                    Dave B, damn you got that gyro to shine, they would never allow anything that clean at a mad max event.

                    Dave-Vortex, nice gyro, reminded me of some great memories. PM me about the training issue we discussed, I will help with the connection.

                    Britta, don't forget "N79LR" for your log book. Nice try on the dust devil excuse........that only works on students. Hope the yellow paper I provided you helps protect your ass-ets.

                    Terry S., your not building the space shuttle, get er' done and flying. Thank you for all your hard work organizing. That was the hottest BBQ I have seen in a long time, less than 2 minutes to cook Carne Asada. 2 seconds to burn the hair off my hands. I came home smelling like a burnt dog.

                    It seems that this gyro flying group gets smaller each year. Loosing another gyro pilot last week to the lakebed is always sobering how unforgiving this sport is, especially in the unpredictable conditions of El Mirage. This is one tough and dedicated group of aviators, yet some of the most friendly guys and gals around. The gyros on the flight line definitely have taken a price jump with the red and blue two seaters . Enjoyed seeing the new models, and classic ones also. To everyone else that I talked to, thank you for a enjoyable couple of days sharing stories and making great memories about the best flying machines around.
                    You are only as good as your last flight


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                      Linda bought a new seasons pass for the El Mirage dry lake yesterday and Rich Eichmann's Butterfly is the gyro picture on the pass. Good for you Rick,


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                        Take a picture and post it, please.


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                          Looking forward to meeting all of you. Here is a pic of my Benson
                          Click image for larger version

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                            Originally posted by scott heger View Post
                            Marion, it was nice to see you again. I enjoyed your story about the remote controlled Air Command that liked to crash every time it flew. More Hollywood money and ego... than brains....
                            Marion: I've not heard this remote control Air Command-crashing story. Could you share it here?