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Wrens CHALLENGE 2017 - Sep 15-17 - GA AND Carolina vs. the WORLD!!

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  • Hey Guys,

    I just had to cancel my room at the Western Hotel in Wrens due to a family issue. Not sure if anyone had difficulty getting a room but I know there's at least one room available for the next 3 days.

    Might be able to make it down for part of the day on Saturday.

    Ya'll have fun, It looks like the Weather is gonna be Great!

    Chris Buchanan


    • Chris - Thank you for chiming in. Hope your family issue is OK, and definitely hope to see you on Saturday! Is Fred gonna be there? Ya'll bringing the Dom to Barry's in Nov?

      Tom - OF COURSE Wrens is still on! Wrens has happened RAIN or SHINE since 2007! And ROC before that!, and Barnwell before that! Wrens is A THANG that can't be stopped!

      Russ - On the Dominator thing, it appears to me that Bensen Days turned into 'Dominator Days' not too long after the Dominator was introduced. This was due to the safety innovations that Ernie, Chuck, and Dick D. designed into this ground-breaking design. Wrens/ROC saw a similar effect, but maybe not quite as pronounced... makes sense because Wimauma (Ernie's base) is just down the road from Wauchula. But, since then, the CLT and/or Horiz Stabilizer 'push' has made it's way into many other new and existing designs. So, in effect, more stable/safe choices became available and/or were incorporated/noticed/adopted So... more variety at the air shows..

      So far, I am not aware of a Sport Copter at Wrens/ROC. There is at least one in Georgia, but it is wayyyy down South, and the owner has never made it to Wrens. There are typically at least 3 at Bensen Days. Hope to see you THERE in April! Oh... and... I don't think anyone other than Jim Vanek has the 'oo' to loop a gyro.

      Just my .02 $ on ALL that. I welcome others to set me straight. That will just add to more posts on this thread. LOL!
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        • Chris,

          Sorry to hear about your family issues. Hope all is good. Hope we get to see you guys.
          Scott Waggoner


          • Just Thursday so far and Wrens is already Hoppin!!

            There are about 8 gyros on the field and more are on their way.

            We also have a Trike and a powered Parachute here now.

            See more the details at.


            One thing of note.. CAROLINA is conspicuously missing! You guys coming?

            Too much fun landing in grass to take pictures!

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            • Well, unfortunately, I am not going to be able to make it to Wrens. The maroon ELA Eclipse I was originally going to bring was sold to a customer in Tennessee. Chris Lord and I were going to bring a couple of factory gyros from Florida for the event but then Irma happened and the hangar lost its roof. Hope to see everyone at Barry's later this Fall.

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              • Heck yea, Wrens is a happening place.
                Scott Waggoner


                • Holy crap. There's a roof 'under' the framing of the hanger, with a car and a boat sticking out. First reports didn't account for this much damage. Hope everyone is O.K.



                  • After seeing a Cavalon auto-gyro at Oshkosh this year I've become pretty interested in gyrocopters. I'm thinking of flying in tomorrow around lunch time in a Cirrus SR22. Are fixed wings welcome?


                    • I went to the head of this thread and saw several people flying in fixed wing so I've answered my own question. I'm looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


                      • Helicopter CFI Colton Hummer, on the faculty of Middle Georgia State University, had said he was going to have some of his pilots fly in two Cabri G-2 helicopters and possibly two Robinson R-44 helicopters. He was going to be here Saturday morning (September 16, 2017).

                        He wasn't able to come -- he wrote us on Saturday morning (September 16, 2017)

                        We tried to depart out this morning to come to the fly-in, but we are completely socked in and it actually has been getting worse as the morning progresses. Sorry that we will not be able to make it, but it was a pleasure meeting you and hopefully we can make it happen next time.
                        Colton Hummer
                        Middle Georgia State University



                        • I just wanted to write and say what a fun time I had this year at Wrens. It was my first time there and I definitely want to come back. I flew in Wednesday evening to Atlanta (man is that a big airport) and after walking about a mile to baggage claim, I headed over to the rental car place and got myself a hot rod mini-van to camp in for the few days I was in town. I slept on an air mattress in the back of it and thankfully everywhere I went there was a hot shower and plenty of polite down to earth folks to steer me in the right direction for food. A big thank you to Jon Carlton for giving me an intro to the Tango Gyros and both Alex and Paul from TangoGyro. Jon is just a wealth of Gyroplane knowledge and I was amazed at his willingness to help folks all day long. All of them are hard working people and TangoGyro puts out a great product because of it. One of my most memorable moments was watching Alex in the middle of working, stop and take a call from what must have been a grandkid or someone he loved. He started giggling and talking in what seemed like a young childs voice even though it was all in Russian and I couldn't understand a word of it, I could relate to him missing someone on the other end. I'm a big family person so that told me right there what kind of a man he is deep down inside. With that said I'm impressed with their company and it is no wonder they sold two or three of them within the past week or so. They have one left in the shop and then they're clean out of stock for the year! I think they are off to a great start and many folks just seemed to rave about their rotors. I was also very appreciative for Kurt giving me a ride actually at Wrens. He is a very skilled pilot and I felt blessed to have the opportunity to just hang out and fly with him. He offered many words of encouragement as I continue to learn about Gyroplanes in general. In addition I met many of you and I enjoyed hearing your stories and seeing your aircraft up close and in person. Giving out free doughnuts Friday morning helped me break the ice with many of you and that lead me to just having a great time away from work, no stress, and just some time to relax while enjoying watching many of you fly throughout the day. Time almost got ahead of me Saturday afternoon as I rushed to make it back to Atlanta to catch my 5 O'Clock flight and I made it with literally 13 minutes to spare. Unfortunately all good things must end but there is always next year and I look forward to spending more time with all of you on the next go around. Take care,...
                          (925) 481-4304


                          • Paul S. (Spank) - It as great meeting you and glad you had as good a time as you did. Although there were no official 'awards' this year, I'm going to nominate you as 'Farthest Travelled' unless someone else comes up with another name. Honestly, if one is 'into' gyros, it's really hard to not have a good time at Wrens given half a chance. For me, time just flies (no pun intended) and I never am able to do all the things, and talk to all the people, I want to.

                            Speaking of which... having finally added the aspect of... err... flying to my routine at Wrens, I was super-stretched time-wise this year. Took absolutely no pictures, and worst of all, there were folks there who I spotted and either did not get a chance to talk to at all, or only spoke to in passing... way more briefly than I wanted to. I apologize to everyone who I didn't get a chance to 'hang with' for awhile or even meet for the first time. I hope to make up for some of that socializin' at Barry's in November. See y'all there!

                            I was flat worn-out by the end of the weekend! But, of course, it was awesome!

                            I did take some video in the air, and will see if I can put together some of the highlights of that. Will also try to post a listing of all the gyros there, and update the 'tally' when I have time.

                            Woo Hoo for Wrens!



                            • I won't name any names but I'd like to take a minute to thank everybody involved with putting on Wrens. I'll admit I was a little disappointed the Cabri's didn't show, but that was offset by the unexpected arrival of the Cicare. The Radial Rocket didn't have the 40 hours flown off so we didn't get to see it fly, but it was there and Barry woke her up for us a few times. I met some new friends, visited some old, and like Mark, probably didn't spend as much time with some folks as I should. So this years Wrens had it's ups and downs, but all in all it was another great event. I'm already looking forward to next year.