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Rotors Over the Rockies 2017 - 10th Anniversary Edition

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    Good to see some promo for 10th anniversary ROTR .... headed that way after a quick 10 days getting organized at home! 😁
    Chris T.
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      I love the event and hope to be there Wednesday through Saturday without a gyroplane..
      Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI


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        Well, I WANTED to come up to visit, and now i am! Used points for hotel (in Orem - closest I could get for free) and points for flight, so other than the car and food, it should be an inexpensive trip. Looking forward to seeing you all!
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          There are some really cool things our new location makes possible this year, and it's not a matter of wanting to be secretive, it's just that we want to make sure they really happen before we talk about them, as some involve visits from specialized aircraft.

          What we can tell you is that Nephi is a very small town, but big enough to have TWO competing aircraft parts stores (NAPA and Carquest). The town sits beneath Mt. Nebo, which at just shy of 12,000' is the highest peak in the Wasatch Range. There is a scenic loop byway which lies just outside the wilderness area, which means machines with adequate performance can access one of the most scenic mountain vistas you'll ever see. The flying near the airport is very remote and rural, with incredible mountain backdrops everywhere.

          Nephi is within range of flights to the Little Sahara Dunes Recreation area, Goshen Canyon, and other spots where the flying scenery will be spectacular. We'll be getting a group together for a group flight into Provo, a Class-D airport, for those who'd like to earn the endorsement for their Sport Pilot certificates. We're hoping to fly to Spanish Fork, 26 nautical miles to the north, to visit Airgyro, which is now an authorized dealer for Xenon.

          Euro-class two-place machines are within range of the famous scenic areas of southern Utah.

          The Manti-Ephraim Airport is a beautiful scenic flight up a canyon in the Sanpete Valley, within range of two-stroke single-place machines, and the airport has welcomed us to visit.. We'll have support vehciles for these flights to bring fuel cans when necessary.

          Perhaps the neatest aspect of this airport is that gyros represent, by far, the majority of the airport operations there, not seen as a nuisance. The town is thrilled to have us there.

          Regarding motels, there's a pretty decent Motel 6 with rooms for about $50/night, a National 9 which is a little nicer in the $70 class, and a Best Western which is very nice at about $100, but which is already sold out of rooms with two beds. These rates are based on my inquiries a couple weeks ago and may be subject to change as things fill up. There is also a Super 8 which I haven't seen, and an Economy Inn which appears to have a limited number of smoking rooms available.

          It appears we'll have catered meals served right at the airport for at least some days. Again, first year there, we're not sure how early in the week they'll start, but there are some good options to eat in town. There is a skydive school at Nephi with a winch launcher I'm excited to see operate - it can supposedly get a sailplane to 3.000' AGL in the length of the 6,300' runway!

          Come this year and help us discover all the fun flight opportunities we DON'T know about yet!
          Paul W. Plack
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            Originally posted by Terry_Smith View Post
            Well, I WANTED to come up to visit, and now i am! Used points for hotel (in Orem - closest I could get for free) and points for flight, so other than the car and food, it should be an inexpensive trip. Looking forward to seeing you all!
            Terry: All of us @ ROTR will get to see what you look like without a BBQ grill attached to your waist!


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              Originally posted by dabkb2 View Post
              Sounds good Glen I am going to try and make it .

              p.s. I like the font size
              Dave: You bringing your MAC alarm clock?


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                Is there an fbo there? Looking forward to seeing everyone.


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                  Yes. The FBO is Pegasus Aviation Group. Run by our friends Michael Burton and Marc Campbell.


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                    Originally posted by Kevin_Richey View Post

                    Dave: You bringing your MAC alarm clock?
                    I am hoping to, just trying to get things lined up, if not I could bring my KB3.
                    David Bacon