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  • At last

    At last i have found a way to post
    Have had to make a new member name & email etc.
    I have contacted admin on more than one occasion regarding my problem since new site, was always able to log in but not post.
    could ADMIN please remove old name 500e I will then try to re instate it as if it did not exist.
    The site appears to have lost a lot of members since upgrade!!! it certainly is not as user friendly.
    Also i am surprised admin ignored my contacts on numerous occasions not only is this counter productive but rude

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    I still have 2 names on site yettie & 500e, the 500e one logs in but cant post on the yettie one is associated with Email I use for work How do I kill both accounts the ADMIN seems either to ignore problems or cannot sort it out. It also seems to ignore anything sent on the contact us link
    ADMIN if you read this please remove both accounts & I will reinstate the one I want if I feel the need.
    My feeling is that after the hack & update the life has gone from here, a shame as most of the time the site was great with people who had vast experience & knowledge to impart