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Funny Things Happen On The Way To Final Post:

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  • Funny Things Happen On The Way To Final Post:

    So here I am, in the Events Forum, making up a post of where I found all those pics from AirVenture2017. All the while, I'm scanning the AirVenture website for more groups of pictures, hoping to come across the groups I found yesterday. So when I finally try to complete the posting, I get an error, telling me some wierd thing about some picture not being correct. So I'm stuck with a no-way-out on completing the post. I have to close out of the Forum tab, and restart it from scratch.

    Just so ya know.

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    Having been in IT for 25 years, I know that the HTTP session timed out; most forums are nice and direct about these kinds of things, though. So the user would know they might have to restart their browser from scratch, or at least one tab of it. There might even be a FAQ about such things in this forum somewhere, like "Possible User Issues With This Forum". Not knowing who else here has Years of webserver experience, I thought I might post this issue here. I posted an issue to the Admin previously, which seemed to have gone into a blackhole, so this issue goes here.



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      So ... now I make FB picture albums and do the "anyone can view link thing" ... posting on this slow forum 4-8 pics at a time is like riding horse'n buggy! ... no time for it!

      "You can use this link to share this photo album with anyone, even if they don't have a Facebook account. Anyone with the link will be able to see your photo album."
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        Thanks for the tip, Chris. I will use it. It gives me a good reason to use Facebook, which I haven't had till now.