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    Hi anyone know what is the latest on dragon wings production ,some say Ernie still makes them after the sale to a new owner ,some say the new owner has some sort of problems etc. , I would like to know what is happening before Ii decide to call either the new owner or Ernie for a set ,thank you

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    The new owner (Luminati Aerospace) had/has some issues. Ernie agreed and went under contract for a period of time and specific production run to try and help the new owner. These blades are for Lumiatti only.
    You will have to contact the new owner for any Dragonwing blades. If you call Ernie, he will only direct you to Luminatti Aerospace.
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      Buyer beware. My dad is no longer associated with Luminati Aerospace. They have decided to default on the payment schedule agreed to in the contract to buy Dragon Wings manufacturing rights. Therefore dad has severed ties with them and their CEO. The future is uncertain. Just be aware they will take your money and have no way to deliver any product. You have been warned.
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        This is bad news, I've been waiting to buy a set. I heard Air Command will be selling Skywheels starting Feb. no word on pricing. Does anyone know if SportRotors will fit the standard rotorhead like Dragonwings?