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Gyro-Tec carbon Blades 100 Hrs Follow Up.

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  • Gyro-Tec carbon Blades 100 Hrs Follow Up.

    There is really nothing remarkable to say except that the blades are performing well,they are still

    in perfect shape with no signs of delaminating,seperation,bubbles forming,spider cracks or any thing

    unusual with the construction.

    After getting used to the lack of blade vibration I have started noticing other small

    vibrations from other components and have been working on them, tires being out of balance,

    prop blades are a couple of items being attended too. I also have ordered a new prerotator

    housing and cable from Calumetair,the old prerotator was to long and had a very tight radius

    because of the length,I am hoping that the vibration on prerotation will go away and that I will

    be able to prerotate to a higher RRPM with the cable being straighter,I will report on that after

    installation and use.

    Anyway I can recommend the Gryro-Tec Carbon fiber blades and teeter tower as being probably one of the best

    buys on the market today and the price makes them an exceptional buy.
    Best Regards,
    Eddie Sigman,Polvadera,nm
    (575) 835-4921

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    WOW 100 hours in so little time man you really flew that Gyro.
    Thanks for the feedback
    I'm a gyro Dude now! Bensen FTW



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      I fly just about every day usually the wind is good in the mornings,the weather is not a problem as my

      cabin has heat and even then is not really that cold.

      The airport is just about all mine as we are somewhat off the beaten path,the white sands missile range is to the east

      and there is a lot of high country to the west there is very little traffic to contend with.
      Best Regards,
      Eddie Sigman,Polvadera,nm
      (575) 835-4921


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        Thatís great to hear. Mine ship next week with new towers and hub bar. I added the leading edge tape for weather protection, so weíll see how they do on a Cavalon. Did you have to balance or track them much on install?


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          Iíll add another question to magnights if you donít mind.
          Do you get towers and bolt them to your existing head, or is that all part of a new head?
          Magnight: one for you too, why did you order these blades, factory blades fail you?

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            No failure of or issues with the factory blades. Theyíre fine, but Iím not a fan of their hub/teeter system. The stock AutoGyro teeter uses bushings and frequent greasing, Averso and GyroTech (basically a copy) use sealed bearings and a better tuning system. Also, the AutoGyro Cavalon uses 8.4m blades stock. In my opinion they need be to larger (ordered 8.6m from GyroTech). Apparently Autogyro just announced an 8.6m blade option, but same hub setup.

            The towers bolt onto the stock head, so should be simple enough to change out.

            The hope is that Iíll have better performance / more lift, smoother more balanced flight, and less maintenance.

            Btw, my username may not make much sense, but my last name is Knight and used to live in Magnolia, hence MagKnight.


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              Jason the teeter tower should fit right to your existing setup and that includes the prerotator ring,there is a video of the test on the cavalon

              using the Gyro-tec blades,I believe its on the gyro tec web page.The blades are factory balanced with the PB electronic balancer and they are

              ready to go just follow the instructions,the blades will need to be aligined with the string method

              Geoff The factory drilledl the teeter tower to fit my RAF prerotator ring and they also made a spacer for the bearing so the install was really easy

              all your replacing is the teeter tower. The teeter tower is something that I really like, the ball bearings are inside the teeter tower there are 4 of them,

              it makes for a really smooth and stable teeter tower,and the bearing are sealed for no maintenance issues,also the teeter is a one piece machined

              part making it more solid and unlikely to get out of alignment like the bolted together ones.
              Best Regards,
              Eddie Sigman,Polvadera,nm
              (575) 835-4921


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                Thank you for the report, Eddie. I will be purchasing these blades and head so this is great info.


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                  Can you post pictures?
                  Cedar City, UT


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                    Noy sure what you are wanting Stephen,but you can go to the Gyro-tec web site for more info and pictures,however here are a few.
                    Best Regards,
                    Eddie Sigman,Polvadera,nm
                    (575) 835-4921


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                      It seems that Gyro-Tech rotors/bar/towers are the economy answer for many RAFists, and their quality seems superior to OEM RAF.
                      Do not forget, however, that owners are still relying upon the RAF rotorhead, torque tube, gimbal arm, pop-riveted mast plates, and trim system.
                      None of those components are renowned for quality of material or design, so please keep a very close eye on them.

                      Please at least go to Aurora CAM-6 control rod ends (only $13@) and replace the rusty dog-collar trim chains with some galvanized steel links of 300bls tensile strength.

                      Modifying your RAf to directly pull down on the rear of the torque tube is an excellent precaution, easily done.
                      One must not run trim forces through the control system as RAF did. It's bad engineering, and risky.

                      I wish eddie continued pleasure with his new rotors.

                      Safe flying!
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                        Has anyone seen a cross-section of a Gyro-Tech blade .... what material is the spar inside the composite skin? What is the stated life-span of the rotor system? ...curious ..... want a different rotor for my Butterfly ...when I ever get time to bring it back to flight-status!
                        Chris T.
                        3Rs - Rotors rock & rule!

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                          Chris go to the gyro-tec web site there are videos of the testing that was done to the blades and hub bar perhaps they can answer your questions,if not just
                          email them with your questions.
                          Best Regards,
                          Eddie Sigman,Polvadera,nm
                          (575) 835-4921


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                            I recently met such Gyrotech rotor here in Moscow. Not flown it yet but was able to examine it and to cross-check blades CG. What surprised me very much is their paint - it is very very soft, even touching it by fingernail leaves the trace on blade surface. This should mean that regular cleaning of blades would destroy their finish very soon.

                            Hope to fly them soon. Local pilot who've already did that on an MTOsport told that they increase vibs significantly at speeds over 120 kmh. I'm curious to try them myself.
                            Alex Lameko
                            Russian gyroforum
                            Visit my collection of gyro videos


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                              Alex something must be wrong with that paint because my paint is very hard and has a beautiful finish and is one of the things

                              that I really liked.
                              Best Regards,
                              Eddie Sigman,Polvadera,nm
                              (575) 835-4921