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Final drive sprocket torque value 2.2 Soob

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  • Final drive sprocket torque value 2.2 Soob

    Hello. Looking for the torque vales for the 8 long bolts that hold the small final redrive sprocket on a 2.2 Subaru on an RAF 2000. These bolts go into the crank on the engine. Only thing I can come up with is on a Subaru site which says 50-55 ft 1bs. Have sent several emails to RAF and have had no help or replies what so ever :(((

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    I have been using the Subaru torque you stated 50-55 ft lbs for years without any problems.

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      Thank you. Eddie


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        Bump up that number by ten pounds . If you use a half inch tool to tork it thats ok .Think of all the flex all the small tools transfer' Run down all bolts by hand clean threads before . Steel bolts and steel crank blue loctite and i clean with brake clean .


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          So explain to me why the wrench drive size makes any difference at all to the measured torque ("click") vs the actual applied torque as specified? Seems like asking for trouble, much like the German "guten-tite" method.
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            Those are 8mm cap head bolts, correct?
            Subaru lists 50-55lbs for them? That seems high.

            SAE Grade 5 bolts of 5/16x24 show 19 ft/lbs.

            Based on preload stress of 75% proof strength, even ASTM A574 socket head cap screws of 140,000psi (and I'm not saying that's what is in the RAF) show 381 in/lbs, or 31.75ft/lbs.

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