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    Looking for reports from the field.

    What are the general thoughts?

    What performance increase has been observed (if any)?


    Paul Erb, Sport Pilot Gyro, PRA Chapter 65 Presidente

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    hello i found a video of a mto sport flying- equipt with a 6 blade exqalibur propp

    seems to be a nice propp with low propp noice

    the gyrotech carbon rotors in the video seems to bring more float to the mto sport .. ?


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      Thank you for the feedback, but I'm looking for results from people who own the prop and can relay their performance comparisons.
      Paul Erb, Sport Pilot Gyro, PRA Chapter 65 Presidente


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        Still would like feedback from gyro users of the E-prop.
        Paul Erb, Sport Pilot Gyro, PRA Chapter 65 Presidente


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          More marketing less reality. Tons of hype about ESR effect etc. all in their heads from what I saw.


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            From my experience a 5 bladed prop is if anything a little louder than a prop with less blades

            On fixedwing aircraft the three bladed props are suppose to be quieter than the 2 bladed ones

            because they are have a shorter blade length,less tip speed..with props of the same length the

            multibladed props appear to be a little louder than the props with fewer blades
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              I trialled one ... a 6 blade E-prop on my yellow 912 powered Titanium Explorer air Mentone last year ...the reports from our TAG Aussie test pilot was impressive! .... the drone-like ( swarm-of-bees-chasing-you") sound takes some getting used to! I tested it looking for extra take-off grunt from the 912 ... flying large passengers in the summer heat! It did certainly appear to get the higher payload on high DA days ... low winds , launched quicker than the stock Bolly prop! ( I felt the way we had it pitched ... reduced the cruise speed too much) I have been intending to do proper quantitive tests to compare the Bolly prop, with the E-prop & also a Sensenich I own ... but life seems too busy to play with comparative experiments ... & i need help to motivate me to gather proper data & mess with the switching process ... I'd rather fly & travel, get new ships flown off & delivered! only subjective not objective input here! ... & it's a royal PITA ... pitching & changing each of the 6 blades ...several times to find the sweet-spot pitch!
              Chris T.
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