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Lucas Semi Synthetic 2 Cycle Oil

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  • Lucas Semi Synthetic 2 Cycle Oil

    Any thoughts on the use of the Lucas oil in the Rotax 2 stroke engines? Seems to have a lot going for it but all companies are biased when it comes to their own products.

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    it's a good product but amsoil is a much better one. <--- This is where I order mine
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      I use Lucas exclusively in my Hirth and it hasn't blown up yet....


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        I have been using Lucas oils for a long time. Add Lucas oil stabilizer to your car or truck at next oil change. It will get you a few more miles per gallon. I put it in all the high performance racing motors that I build. It is compatible with regular and synthetic oils. Put some on your hand and then try and wash it off. It clings to all metal parts and it has no problem with heat. Ever since they came out with a 2 stroke oil I have used it with great results.