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Mikuni fuel pump location

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  • Mikuni fuel pump location

    i seem to recall something about the Mikuni fuel pump needing be located above the the engine pulse source to allow fuel that may enter the pump from the pulse line to drain out of the pump. Otherwise the pump can lock up. Is this true? Is there an alternative when there is no way to mount above the engine pulse nipple?

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    Also, while your looking... somewhere I heard you should mount it horizontally as opposed to vertical. If your going to have to relocate it, might as well cover all of the recommended positions.
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      Mount it above, as close to the pulse port as possible without letting the pump get hot, and, yes, horizontal. Use good stiff pulse line.

      It's a dinky little pump, so improve your chances by treating it kindly and observing all these good practices.


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        Be aware that the pump body should have a very small weep hole to get rid of any fluid build-up and this should face downward which is why it should be mounted horizontally.

        Have a look at this document from CPS.


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          Alan, thanks for the info.