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Bush Wheels / Baloon Tires ? Off Airport

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    Thanks for the hard info, and the heads-up, Dave.



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      Hi Spraypilot.
      I am running an M16 down here in NZ on big tyres. Rears are 26”””” inch Alaskan Bushwheels/Beringer ultralites running at 6psi.
      The nose wheel is a Sportcopter suspension assembly.
      I operate mostly in the NZ back country. I wouldn’t go back to the standard tyres. Bit like Alaska down here minus
      the bears of course.

      Have added 16kg ( that includes the step rail mod) This added weight can be offset in most cases by reducing cookie & desert intake. Most of my flying is on my own & use back seat to carry my lunch, ( Low calorie lunch of course to help out with the above reduction)
      Lost about 4 knots so an extra 150/200 rpm to make up for that.
      Lost approx 100 fpm climb performance.
      A bit of a lighter wallet.

      Often pillow soft takeoffs / landings & great taxi.
      Increased ground clearance so greater flare angle for closer to zero speed landings onto rough ground in calm conditions & for lifting off on rough ground earlier at slower air speeds.
      The increased ground clearance lessens the chance of prop swirl picking up small stones, grass, sticks etc. ( Added a step rail because of the increase in height)
      A lot less cow s..t splattered onto the Horozontal Stab.
      Glydes over unseen rabbit holes. ( No Badgers in NZ, they could pose a problem though)
      The Beringer brakes hold well up to the Magni max recomended 280rpm pre rotation.
      Generally make it a lot easier on man & machine.
      And great to sit on while having your lunch.

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          Pics for my post above. For some reason I cant load higher resolution.
          The pic with the pea gravel was a landing in calm conditions with a short ground roll. As can be seen the nose wheel broke through the gravel where as the 26” rears stayed on top with very little indentation. With an 85 kg pilot the nose wheel had 65 kg on it & the rears 175 kg on each.
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