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  • Motorav engine

    With my recent visit to Oshkosh I came accros the Motorav engine with a cofiguration similar to VW but with some nice features.
    Is anyone able to comment on this engine with regard to test results in light sport aircraft.

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    It might be a while before much data is available. It looks like this engine is just emerging from initial testing.

    To be useful in a gyro, it will be necessary to devise a suitable cooling scheme in a pusher configuration.

    This engine is a bit on the thirsty side, based on the company's published specs of 6-to-8 gallons per hour at 75 HP. If the price is significantly below Rotax, it might still find a market.
    Paul W. Plack
    Private ASEL, SP Gyroplane
    Secretary, URA & PRA2
    Editor, Western Rotorcraft