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Return of the D-Motor to the US market

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  • Return of the D-Motor to the US market

    Good Morning, Fisher Flying Products will now be the Distributor for the D-motor in North America and will start taking orders for the LF26 4 cylinder engine at OshKosh this year. Dave with Fisher has been working for over three years to make this a reality. Fisher has assembled the team and resources needed to make this engine successful. They will be taking this engine through the ASTM Standards as well. I feel these engines will provide an excellent alternative to the Rotax 912ul engine. With less weight, water-cooled security, modern FADEC control low fuel burn, and a price of $15,699 including everything but a radiator and hoses. This engine had the potential to provide Rotax with a proper market competitor. There are over 40 aircraft flying with the D-motor in Europe and some have reported over 500 hours of trouble free service since 2013! The parent company D-motor Belgium is currently completing a 50 engine contract for the EDM Aerotec Co-axial helicopter project. After this project is complete they will be concentrating on production of engines for the US market. I think the LF26 engine will provide an excellent engine choice for the single place Gyros and the LF39 six cylinder would work outstanding for the 2 place Gyros on the market with 120hp on tap. These motors provide a more simplistic engine design compared to the Rotax with the LF26 only having only 35 moving parts! Having 2.6 liters of displacement the LF26 provides enormous amounts of torque as well with 163ft-lbs! These engines should provide equivalent power to the 912ul and maybe closer to the 912uls. The LF26 has a lot of potential and I feel this engine deserves another look for use in a Gyro application! If you have any further questions about this engine option, I will gladly answer any questions that you may have to the best of my ability. I am looking forward to seeing these engines at OshKosh this year and canít wait to start seeing them flying on Aircraft within North America!

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    We are talking side valve technology here aren't we?


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      Flat head.

      Think three to five horsepower Briggs & Stratton
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        80 HP for a 2.6 liter engine is not a lot,,my stock 2.5 Subaru is 165 hp
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          My 700cc twostroke is 80hp, 40 Kg, built in gear reduction, pre rotator output all set up.
          Fuel consumption is not great but with TPInjection this will improve.
          I'm not bagging SV but look around, how many engines are still side valve? Even lawn mower engines are OHV now
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