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Cylinder head temps versus coolant temps

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  • Cylinder head temps versus coolant temps

    I am being told that on a 2 stroke water cooled engine the coolant temperature and the CHT'S should be about the same. Is this true? Or can the CHT's greatly exceed the water temperature? I don't seem to have any air trapped in the coolant system.

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    The number of strokes makes no difference; the spark plug sockets of both are surrounded by water jacketing which keeps the temperature as measured by a thermocouple under the spark plug just slightly higher than water temperature.

    All depends upon the efficiency of the thermal path between spark plug and cylinder head.

    Iíve seen 2 instances of inadequately torqued spark plugs overheating, blowing out and starting grass fires. One was a Mac 2-stroke and the other was a Continental aircraft engine.


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      On average the plug temp will vary from 200 to 250
      The water temp will vary from 135 to 175.
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        It sounds like you are having issues by your post. The CHT will come up to a steady reading quicker than the water temp. If some one told you they should be the same it could only be at idle IMHO. I would be worrying about extremely low cht temps and fowling of the plugs.