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Modern Lightweight 100HP Aircraft Rotary

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  • Modern Lightweight 100HP Aircraft Rotary

    Hey Fellas, seems there are some likely very suitable engines out there experimental class helo's but most never make it to production, I guess the returns just aren't there. So I found a UK based company who has gone all the way to production of some very sweet rotarys. The twin rotor 600XE rated at a max of 100hp & constant 70hp is a tiny powerhouse. Unlike many of the other engine guys out there Rotron will talk to you. The only downside I can see so far is the cost... yes, take a seat, it's going to be brutal!! The 600XE complete is a staggering 24'700 UK pounds... oouchh!!! but it is really out there by it's self for a up to date, all modern engine & if you have the $$$ it could be a winner. I'm very tempted for my next build.

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    1000 TBO and belt drive, I'm Better off with a Yamaha. more HP and a lot cheaper.

    But thanks for the heads up maybe someone will be interested, They have more then one engine.
    They make engine for many types of application.
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      I did a quick inquiry and got this as a response , he had 2 concerns
      • Price due to the technology involved, our RT600XE for a single unit is priced at 27,500 which usually prices out commercial / private applications.
      • TBO the XE is rated as a maximum of 100-120hp. The flight profile of any VTOL application is aggressive on the propulsion system and the XE lends itself to power over endurance. The TBO could be anywhere from 20-100hours
      Almost 30k for 20-100 hours, my Mac is looking pretty good
      David Bacon


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        Hey guys, checkout the Simonini engines at Their Victor 2 engine is 92 HP, the Victor 2 plus is 102 HP an the Victor 2 S is 110 HP. These are 2 stroke, 2 cylinder engines and and the mounting is the same as for a Rotax 582. Price is under $10,000. 600 hour TBO.


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          I'm a bit late to this discussion!
          I found these rotaries a couple of years ago and tried contacting them (under my business name) but received no response at all. Some guys on the Homebuilt Airplane forums managed to get a response but they would not sell to anyone unless it was gov/military contract and gave no pricing. Even if they have changed their market strategy focus and prepared to sell to private individuals, $27,500 pounds is over priced for the performance. Don't get me wrong, they look fantastic, I like rotaries and would be almost perfect for my application, but it ain't gonna happen for that price.
          Thanks for this info though.