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Yamaha Apex Engine 2006 to 2010 Thanks Teal Sky Trax

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  • Yamaha Apex Engine 2006 to 2010 Thanks Teal Sky Trax

    Well Teal J. Has done it one more time. { All pic's are from Teal and so is the info, if ask I will remove them }
    Posting this Has Information.

    So now we have a new setup for a engine, Yamaha Apex it's a fuel injection RX1 with a different casing.

    Teal Sky Trax has build a new setup with addaptor with redrive psru.
    Setup is still in testing stage.

    I got my info on 3 different website. Has a see and read info Teal J. of Sky Trax and a partner have built this work of art.

    This one so sexy!

    On Stan and in testing run's

    I want one with this I can use the fuel injection Yamaha Apex engine and it's easier to find.

    I found this info on 3 website here is the original info.

    Thanks Teal for helping are hobie are passion.

    If you don't like my post or the pic's tell me and I will delete it all.
    I'm a gyro Dude now! Bensen FTW


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    And you don't need a rotax gearbox for it.


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      Yes rotax gear boxes are getting rare and it's rotax.

      This is a all in one setup.

      He said that it should be the same price has a new Rotax c-box and the RX-1 SkyTrax adaptor cover.
      so give or take a few 100$ it will be 3000$ has far has I know.
      I was looking on line for others redrives and they range from 2200$ to 2800$ so he is close to current pricing.
      I'm a gyro Dude now! Bensen FTW



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        looks very nice and price is right


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          I wonder what the max HP rating is,I am putting 230 hp on my RAF belt drive reduction unit

          and have more than 700 trouble free hrs on it.All of the naysayers told me that It wouldn't

          take that much HP. This reduction unit looks really well made and designed.
          Best Regards,
          Eddie Sigman,Polvadera,nm
          (575) 835-4921


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            Awesome ... 👍👍👍👍


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              HP and speed (RPM) i.e., torque and speed, is key in designing a good PSRU. Most people seem to think the main limiting factor is HP. Not true at all. With cog belts you run up against terrific vibration problems much past 6500 RPM. RPM & tork is a major limiting factor in what size pitch is a good idea, and width of belt. With rib belts that problem doesn't exist and you can run much faster RPM.

              We do know of a FW flier out west who built his own Apex with a belt reduction unit and has over 300 hours on it w/o trouble. I am not sure if he used two 3/8" pitch cog belts in tandem, or if he went with a very wide rib belt.

              With gearboxes you need big enough drive gear shafts so that the bearings don't flake and fall apart on a high-revving motor like a Yamaha. This is the trouble with Rotax C gearboxes: the life expectancy on the small 25mm bore drive bearings with a shaft tork on the order of 95 PF is the limiting factor for life of the unit.

              Teal has worked non-stop on this gearbox for many months, and his efforts are rewarded with a really nice PSRU here. Hats off, and the testing phase is well under way. He may be experimenting with a sprag up on the prop shaft in the future to soften the start ups.

              With three straight-cut gears, the only real concern might be harmonics. At 19.2 lbs the unit is certainly light enough. I suppose he must have found some off-the-shelf gears, as the reduction is set at 3.11:1, even while many new YG4 builders these days are going for 3.47:1.

              Seems like the prop shaft is set farther to the right than Teal's RX1 set ups. If so, that will just mean a purpose-built engine frame will be in order. In other words, you can't simply swap out one his RX1's for this Apex kit, the prop will be in the wrong place, like about 1-1/2" to the right.
              GT Mills
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                Thanks for the info Greg.
                Best Regards,
                Eddie Sigman,Polvadera,nm
                (575) 835-4921


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                  Good Info Greg But i don't think anyone will leave the RX-1 setup to go to a apex setup.
                  if someone goes to the apex setup it will be from a different setup and the off set won't matter since it will be a completely
                  new installation.
                  Thanks for praising Teal setup .
                  and thanks for coming back to the forum I missed you and your input.
                  I'm a gyro Dude now! Bensen FTW