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Pitot location on a tractor gyro?

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  • Pitot location on a tractor gyro?

    Short of running tubes through the center of the PSRU and out the spinner where might be a reasonable location to mount a pitot tube on a tractor gyro similar in configuration to the old Pitbull? I could mount one on one of the forward mast tubes that would be out of the prop stream. I know that the air is disturbed in front of and below a lifting device. I just don't know how far below a rotor the air is disturbed. I presume it would be less on the retreating side?

    I'll miss not having a yaw string.............

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    I would mount the pitot beneath the rotor head a few inches.

    The disk is always angled back and the air is flowing up through the disk so you have reasonably clean air.

    This is where Sport Copter mounts theirs on a pusher and if I recall correctly where it is mounted on the Little Wing tractor gyroplane.
    Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI


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      Originally posted by Vance View Post
      I would mount the pitot beneath the rotor head a few inches.
      I believe it is where pitot is almost always located in tractors.

      As for a yaw string, yes, there is no good place for it so it can be replaced with usual airplane slip indicator on an instrument panel.
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