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    I know that Foreflight and iPad Pilot both recommend using iPad Wi-Fi only + an external GPS like Bad Elf or Dual. However, it looks like I got a defective Bad Elf for lightning connector and their support is beneath bad. If they don't agree to send a new unit in the next day or so, I'll just get a refund from Amazon. This experience caused me to research Dual's tech support. OMG, according to what I read they are worse!

    So, since my iPad has a few years on it (and no it is not the iPad, I tried the Bad Elf on my new iPhone and had the same problem), I'm thinking of getting a new iPad.

    My question (lol finally). Does anyone have experience using Foreflight on an iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular and does it indeed have problems with lost satellite connections?

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    I never lost gps with my iPad mini with cell data. I purchased external gps unit, but found I never needed it. Flew over 800 hours with it too.


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      My iPad + cellular runs Foreflight. No external GPS or receiver and never needed such. It is also an 'older' one at 4 years old.


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        FWIW have an older WiFi-only iPad II that I use FltPlan on (itís free; Iím cheap) and it has also been very reliable.

        But my primary tablet when flying fixed wing wing is a (now getting older) Samsung Galaxy 4 7Ē WiFi-only that I put on the yoke with the basic RAM mount. Itís Android and I run Avare (also free). It gets good GPS reception as well. The tab was about $150 and I think one can get an updated tab for about the same price.

        Both FltPlan and Avare provide geo-referenced approach plates plus traffic and weather if you have ADS-B In, e.g. from a Stratux.

        My impression is the GPS reception is dependent on the tab alone, not the software (ForeFlight).

        Not aure if that helps.



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          We use an iPad WiFi/Cellular running Foreflight exclusively in our day to day operations in the Skycrane. No issues and we travel and work all over the world. Presently in Chile, but here is a photo from last summer in Greece flying past Poseidon's temple.
          Jeff Brenhaug
          S-64 Captain Erickson Aircrane



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            Thanks guys! Bad Elf is sending me a new unit. It is good to know that if this one doesn't work out, I can safely go the iPad + Cellular route.