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    So I have an M912 with a Flight Line FL 760A mated to a Rami antenna. (Pics below) Everything seems to be secure and properly installed, yet I am having problems with this setup. For one, the squelch seems to be either full on or full off. Nice and quiet at full off, on my end. Advancing past one set point leads to very loud static through my headphones, in my Flycom helmet. No gradual squelch at all. At either setting, I hear transmissions clearly, both mine and those from other pilots, as the static goes silent during transmissions either made or received. Other pilots tell me they hear me clearly, but the volume is very low, even when I advance the radio volume to max on my end. At that point, I hear both myself and other pilots at a very high volume, and they still barely hear me.

    My current plan is to remove the radio and take it to an avionics technician to make sure the problem is not the radio. But I know there is a wealth of knowledge out there regarding these fickle aviation instruments (radios and antenna) so maybe someone out there knows of an obvious solution, or something they would recommend I try.



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    How are you connecting Flycom helmet to the radio? What connector do you have on the Flycom helmet, single or the GA? Do you have the same problem with standard GA headset? The mics will pick up the noise/wind in the cabin so have to put a mic cover on them.

    I have same setup and ended up installing the Flycom intercom and works good. I couldnít get the Flycom helmet to work well with this radio without their intercom. I would start with testing with GA headset then get Flycom intercom. Itís a small black box and you can buy adapter to the Fl760.



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      If you are using FL 760 and trying to use its intercom, good luck. Its a very basic intercom and will not work well in open cockpit environment


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        @ Rassole the volume is working as it should,it has no effect on the transmitted signal, the squelch appears to be working as it should, the ambient noise level is what it is, you turn squelch to remove that noise & a better signal will overcome that level, if the signal is week breaking up it may help to cancel the SQ if you are working the pattern hardening the SQ till cut out weaker signals from aircraft further away I would not recommend doing this as people forget to adjust back
        Set the Sq to just kill that background noise.
        The low TX audio could be a product of the head set \ intercom or low modulation setting in the radio, this will give perceived low\ poor signal to receiving units, we have problems with head sets in our load lifting work, guy gets out of helli plugs into HP poor range NO poor \ low mod we have modified a few head sets to be able to switch between the different radios.
        The helli Mics are moving coil with not enough gain to run a radio that is looking for an Electret .