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Aviasport Rotor tach Wiring issue?

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  • Aviasport Rotor tach Wiring issue?

    I'm getting a very inconsistent reading from my new rotor tach. Everything seems to work if I just pass a piece of steel over the sensor in a rhythmic manner, but when the engine is running, it seems to get very chaotic. Should I be using shielded wire from the sensor to the tach?
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    I had the same problem. I sent the gauge to Aviasport and they told me it was not repairable, and I that should buy another one.
    I finally installed a bike computer and Im very happy with it.
    A friend of mine gets also chaotic readings in his ELA with this gauge...


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      I would suspect you have an electrical feed running too close to the wires that sense the tach. A bicycle tach actually works great an only cost in the neighborhood of $15-$20. You still need to keep the sensor line away from other strong electrical fields (shielded wire may be best) I used one for about 18 years on my two-place and about the same on my single and glider. The bonus information you get alone is worth it (RRPM of course, total turns, time turning, average rrpm, max rrpm, current time) pretty "cool" info and "cheap". Only get current rotor rpm on a normal "expensive" tach.
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        Put a 5 or 10K ohm resistor between the rpm input on the gauge and ground. (Between pin 2 and pin 3)
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