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  1. NACA reports
  2. How to use the data base and how to contribute.
  3. How to use the data base and how to contribute, long
  4. "Autogyros, Helicopters and Other V/STOL Aircraft", by Franklin D. Harris
  5. US Army helicopter design datcom, Volume 1-airfoils
  6. Engineering Design Handbook Helicopter, 3 Volumes
  7. An Overview of Autogyros and The McDonnell XV-1 Convertiplane
  8. Light gyroplane empennage design considerations
  9. A Flying Ejection Seat, Foldable Jet Powerd Autogyro
  10. VTOL Concepts
  11. Electric Propulsion
  12. VTOL Concepts - Open Airscrews
  13. Comparative Study of Soviet vs. Western Helicopters
  14. Electric Propulsion #2
  15. Make Wood Propellers
  16. Helicopter Rotor Blade with Free Tip
  17. Aerodynamic Analysis Of Autogyro Rotor, Comparison Calculation / Experiment
  18. Rotary-Wing Aerodynamics, 2 Volumes
  19. Summary and Comparison Report on Teardown Evaluation of Cessna 402A Airplanes
  20. Wind-tunnel tests of 10-foots-diameter autogiro rotors
  21. Some wake-related operational limitations of rotorcraft
  22. The flight of an autogiro at high speed
  23. Momentum analysis of helicopters and autogiros in inclined descent.
  24. Airfoil database
  25. Tabulation of Helicopter RotorBlade Pressures Stresses and Motion Measured in Flight
  26. Aerodynamic Opitmization Of A Coaxial Proprotor
  27. Lift and drag characteristics and gliding performance of an autogiro as determined in
  28. An aerodynamic analysis of the autogiro rotor with comparaison betwen calculated and
  29. Full-scale wind-tunnel tests of a PCA-2 autogiro rotor
  30. The influence of wing setting on the wing load and rotor speed of PCA-2 autogiro as d
  31. An analytical and experimental study of the effect of periodic blade twist on the thr
  32. An analysis of the factors that determine the periodic twist of an autogiro rotor bla
  33. The aerodynamic characteristics of full-scale propellers having 2,3,4 blades of clark
  34. A simplified theoretical method of determinig the caracteristics of a lifting rotor i
  35. Hovering performance of a helicopter rotor using NACA 8-H-12 airfoil sections
  36. Static longitudinal stability and longitudinal control of autogiro rotors
  37. Landing characteristics of an autogiro
  38. Analysis and model tests of an autogyro take off
  39. Aerodynamic analysis of the gyroplane rotating-wing system
  40. Observations in flight of the region of stalled flow over the blades of an autogiro
  41. Longitudinal Stability and Control of the Single-Rotor Helicopter
  42. Fatigue in Welded Joint, AAIB Bulletin No: 1/2004
  43. A general theory of autogyro
  44. Developement Of The Rules Governing The Strength Of Airplanes
  45. Flettner FL-282 Helicopter
  46. Mechanical Design and Description ~ Rotary Wing Aircraft Handbooks and History
  47. Computer Simulation Demo For A UH1 Helicopter
  48. Dynamic Model Wind Tunnel Tests Of A Variable-Diameter Telescoping-Blade Rotor System
  49. Stability And Control Handbook Compound Helicopters
  50. Stability And Control Handbook For Helicopters
  51. Airfoil Database with Comparison Capability
  52. Strength Of Welded Aircraft Joints
  53. Strength Of Metal Aircraft Elements
  54. Comparative Measurements of Two Helicopter Blade Profiles in Hovering Flight
  55. Design of an Advanced Wood Composite Rotor and Development of Wood Composite Blade
  56. The Longitudinal Stability and Control of the Tandem-Rotor Helicopter
  57. Aerodynamic Characteristics Of The Naca 8-H-12 Airfoil At Six Reynolds Numbers
  58. Aerodynamic Characteristics of Four NACA Airfoil Sections Designed for Helicopter
  59. Study of the wake of a helicopter in vortex ring state
  60. Reducing Trailing Edge Flap Deflection Through A Moveable Horizontal Tail
  61. Comprehensive Analytical Model Of Rotorcraft Aerodynamics And Dynamics, Part 1-3
  62. CalVert SYCHROPTER High-Speed V/STOL Personal Transport
  63. Effect Of Blade Section Drag Characteristics On Rotor Performance
  64. Design of Wood Aircraft Structures
  65. A Mathematical Force And Moment Model Of A UH1-H Helicopter For Flight Dynamics Sim
  66. Advanced General Aviation Propeller Study
  67. Q-Fans For General Aviation Aircraft
  68. Shrouded Propeller Test Program (Vol I + II)
  69. Bramwells Helicopter Dynamics
  70. A New Flight Training Device For Modern Lightweight Gyroplanes
  71. Gyroplane Longitudinal Flight Dynamics
  72. Development of the Autogiro: A Technical Perspective
  73. Fluid Dynamic Drag.
  74. Electric Propulsion #3
  75. Basic Helicopter Aerodynamics
  76. Free-Vortex Wake Calculations of Helicopter Rotors and Tilt-Rotors Operating-In and T
  77. Helicopter Rotorhead Pictures
  78. Development Of An Aeroelastic Stability Boundary Of A Rotor In Autorotation
  79. Rolf von Bahr (Sweden)
  80. Airfoil Database #2; c/w Additional Data & Comparison Capability
  81. CAA Paper 2009/02 The Aerodynamics of Gyroplanes
  82. Unmanned Hybrid Vehicle (Synchropter)
  83. Basic Autogyro Theory 101
  84. Basic theories of rotor aerodynamics
  85. Twin Rotor Hover Performance
  86. Investigation into Rotor Blade Aerodynamics
  87. Test Pilot School Flight Test Manual Rotary Wing Stability And Control
  88. Test Pilot School Flight Test Manual Rotary Wing Performance
  89. The Application of Airfoil Studies to Helicopter Rotor Design
  90. Aerodynamics, Flight Dynamics, Mechanics, Electrics & Magnetics
  91. Advancing Blade Concept (ABC) Technology Demonstrator
  92. Engineering Design Handbook. Helicopter Engineering
  93. Looking for Igor Bensen's publication
  94. Design Of The Ultralight Two Place Gyroplane, MS Thesis M. Hollmann
  95. Assessment of a rotorcraft simulation model in autorotation by flight testing
  96. The Effect Of Rotor Blade Flexibility And Unbalance On Helicopter Stability & Control
  97. Helicopter handling qualities investigation
  98. Personal Air Vehicle & Flying Jeep Concepts
  99. Design, Build and Assess Composite Hub Bar for Gyroplane Aplication
  100. Tests on Kellet YG-1 and Pitcairn YG-2 Autogyro
  101. An Advanced counter Rotating Disk Wing Aircraft Concept
  102. Kay 331 Gyroplane
  103. Stability And Control Characteristics XV-1 Convertiplane In Autorotating Flight
  104. Technology Needs for High-Speed Rotorcraft
  105. Basic Helicopter Theory 101
  106. Rotor Performance at High Advance Ratio: Theory versus Test
  107. The Effect Of Angle Of Attack And Flapping-Hinge Offset On Periodic Bending Moments
  108. Flapwise Structural Bending Moments On A Teetering Rotor Blade Results Comparison
  109. Full-Scale Testing Of An OGEE Tip Rotor
  110. Height Velocity Curve for Gyroplanes
  111. AIAA Aerospace Design Engineers Guide
  112. Beginner's Guide to Aeronautics
  113. An investigation of the longitudinal static stability of an autogyro
  114. V/STOL Concepts & Developed Aircraft, History Report, Vol I (1940-1986)
  115. [Off Topic] Modeling Flight
  116. Future Rotorcraft Designs
  117. Helicopter Flight Training Through Serious Aviation Gaming
  118. Modelling of Aerodynamic Interactions in Compound Helicopters
  119. A Flight Envelope Expansion Study For The XH-51A Compound Helicopter
  120. Study the Conversion from Wing Lift to Rotor Lift on a Composite Lift VTOL Aircraft
  121. Old Rotorcraft Flying Handbook Print is Gone
  122. A Parametric Analysis Of The Start-Up Procedure Of A Gliding Autogyro
  123. Wind Tunnel Tests of a 42 Inch Diameter Self-Starting Autogyro Rotor
  124. Static Longitudinal Stability And Control Of Autogiro rotors
  125. GYROCOPTER - Origins of the Name
  126. Optimum Performance of Hovering Rotors
  127. Frisbee
  128. Autorotative Performance Of A Tip Jet Helicopter
  129. Symbols ~ used in rotorcraft algorithms
  130. The Gyroplane Flight Training Manual
  131. Unloaded Rotor Compound Helicopter Light VTOL Transport Aircraft Study
  132. Converting a C-130 Hercules into a Compound Helicopter: A Conceptual Design Study
  133. Wind-tunnel tests of a 10-foot-diameter gyroplane rotor
  134. The drag of airplane wheels, wheel fairings, and landing gears I - III
  135. Nasa Cr-73258 Structural Materials And Design Concepts For Light Aircraft & Helos
  136. Full-Scale S-76 Rotor Performance and Loads at Low Speeds in the NASA Ames Windtunnel
  137. Final ReportNH-3A (SikorskyS-61f) Flight Test Program...winged!! S-61, what a beast!
  138. Analysis of Small-Scale Rotor Hover Performance Data
  139. Helicopter(single engine) exhaust design
  140. Helicopter Mast Bumping - Causes and Prevention 1980 US Army Training Film
  141. de la Cierva's US Patents
  142. Formula for figuring thrust.
  143. Bibliography of Aeronautics
  144. Flight Instructor's Guides
  145. Tail Rotor Design Guide
  146. Helicopter Blade Stall
  147. Real-time brake torque estimation...
  148. See How It Flies
  149. Design and Aerodynamics of Coaxial Helicopters
  150. Rotor Performance at High Advance Ratio; Theory versus Test
  151. Influence of Lift Offset on Rotorcraft Performance
  152. Research Requirements for Development of Improved Helicopter Rotor Efficiency
  153. Helicopter Flight Dynamics
  154. The Focke Helicopter ~ Side-by-Side configuration
  155. An Investigation Of Full-Scale Helicopter Rotors At High Advance Ratios
  156. Development of Handling Qualities Critical Design Guidelines for an Autogyro
  157. Rapid Prototyping and Validation of an Autogyro Simulation Model
  158. "The Art of Helicopter"
  159. Fluid dynamic lift
  160. "Helicopter Theory" by Wayne Johnson
  161. Spinner and Drag Reduction. Tractor and Pusher
  162. Correlation of Measured and Induced Velocities With a Finite State Wake Model
  163. Some Practical Issues in the Design of Airfoils for Helicopter Rotor Blades
  164. Helicopter rotor system's track and balance information.
  165. Effect Of Rotor-Blade Twist and Plan-Form Taper on Helicopter Hovering Performance
  166. Control Systems For Single-Rotor Helicopters
  167. World Directory Of Leisure Aviation
  168. The Effect of Blade Twist on the Characteristics Of The C.30 Autogiro
  169. One-man helicopter
  170. Analysis Of The Factors That Determine The Periodic Twist Of An Autogiro Rotor Blade
  171. The Legacy of Martin Hollmann
  172. On the Feasibility of Replacing the Helicotper Tail Rotor
  173. Theory of the Lifting Airscrew
  174. User's Guide For A "Flat Wake" Rotor Inflow/Wake Velocity Prediction Code, "Down"
  175. NACA Flight investigation of lightweight helicopter to study fixed pitch autorotation
  176. Please read this Disclaimer!!!
  177. Helicopter Rotor Derivatives Under Non-Uniformity Of Induced Velocity Distribution
  178. Flight test of a helicopter in autorotation
  179. Naca TN 1266 Flight measurements of helicopter blade motion
  180. Fundamentals Of Rotor And Power Train Maintenance
  181. The Case For The Single Bladed Rotor
  182. Problem entering the NASA Report Server
  183. Flight Testing Amateur-Built Helicopters
  184. US NAVY Helicopter Training Manual
  185. FAA-H-8083-4 "Helicopter Instructor's Handbook"
  186. Comprehensive vibration analysis of a coupled rotor/fuselage system
  187. Wind Tunnel Experiments on a Model Autogyro at Small Angles of Incidence
  188. Barnett Rotorcraft/H.S. and where should they be
  189. An investigation of the longitudinal static stability..
  190. Technology Assessment for Large Vertical-Lift Transport Tiltrotors
  191. Hot Cycle Rotor/Wing Composite Research Aircraft
  192. Autogyros and Helicopters: 1945 - 2000 a Design Catalog, L. Kosyartchuk
  193. Flight Performance of Lightweight Gyroplanes
  194. General Investigation into the Characteristics of the C.30 Autogiro
  195. Weight and Balance Measurement and Control for Helicopter Rotor Blades
  196. Investigation of Crack in Gyroplane Main Rotor Blade
  197. Flight Manual of Rota C30
  198. Rotor Wash Analysis Handbook Vol I & II
  199. Rotary Wing Aircraft Lecture Notes From Leeds University
  200. Impacts of Rotor Hub Design Criteria on the Operational Capabilities of Rotorcraft
  201. Hovering Performance ....... With and Without Blade-Pitch Servo-Control Flaps
  202. Aeronautical Decision Making for Helicopter Pilots
  203. Aviation Human Factors
  204. UH-1Y Pocket Guide
  205. Rotor Shake and Vibration (1/2/n - per rev)
  206. Paving the Way to Hybrid Helicopters
  207. Aerodynamic Design of an RC Autogyro
  208. Rambler Light Helicopter, 23rd Annual Student Design Competition
  209. Post stall studies of blades
  210. Applied Aerodynamics: A Digital Textbook
  211. Ornithology ~ Lecture Notes 3 - Bird Flight II
  212. Aerial Very Heavy Lift Concepts for the 1990 Army Volume I&III
  213. AHS Student Design Competition
  214. The Prediction of Rotor Hover Performance Using a Prescribed Wake Analysis
  215. Full-Scale Investigation Of The Aerodynamic Characteristics of A Helicopter ....
  216. Flight Tests of the Sikorsky HNS-1 Helicopter
  217. Analysis of Flight Performance Measurements on a Twisted, Plywood Covered Rotor
  218. The Electric Helicopter Beginner's Guide
  219. Various Tests of the PV-2 Helicopter Rotor
  220. VTOL Technology
  221. High Airspeed Testing of the Sikorsky X2 Technology Demonstrator
  222. Toward the Development of a Helicopter-Airplane Hybrid
  223. Determination of Average Lift of a Rapidly Pitching Airfoil
  224. Statistical Optimization of Choosing the Engine Power for an Ultralight Autogyro
  225. Transonic Dynamics Tunnel Contributions to Rotorcraft Technology
  226. A Comparison of Lifting Line and CFD Methods with Test Data from a Research Puma
  227. The Application of Airfoil Studies to Helicopter Rotor Design
  228. New from Gleim
  229. Tractor Gyro V-Tail Design
  230. Introduction to Helicopter Aerodynamics
  231. Hingeless rotorcraft flight dynamics
  232. Wind Tunnel Investigation of Effects of Spoiler and Nose Shape on Tandem Helicopter
  233. Helicopter Vertical Stabilizer Design Considerations
  234. FAA Builders Checklist
  235. The Flight of an Autogyro at High Speed
  236. High Performance Single Rotor Helicopter Study
  237. UH-2 Helicopter High Speed Flight Research With Lift And Thrust Augmentation
  238. Expendable Main Rotor Blade Study. Phase 1.
  239. Development Program for Field-Repairable/Expendable Main Rotor Blades
  240. Flight Dynamics Issues Relating to Autogyro Airworthiness and Flight Safety
  241. Theory of Helicopter Damping in Pitch and Roll, Comparison with Flight Measurements
  242. The Effect of Induced Velocity Variation on Helicopter Rotor Damping in Pitch or Roll
  243. Flight Test Evaluation of the High Inertia Rotor System
  244. Practical Aerodynamics of the Mi-6 Helicopter
  245. Analysis of VSTOL Aircraft Configurations for Short Haul Air Transportation Systems
  246. Source for Shapiro: Principles of Helicopter Engineering
  247. Landing Characteristics of an Autogiro
  248. Helicopter Flight Instructor Manual
  249. Dynamic Longitudinal Stability Measurements on a Single-rotor Helicopter Hoverfly MkI
  250. Care and Feeding of the Rotax Engines