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  1. Ken Brock Freedom Fly in by the inland route.
  2. Got my flying fix - WHAT A DAY!!!
  3. 100 hours
  4. Long cross country Houston to Searcy AR then ALASKA??
  5. N235 Comes Home!
  6. I'm not changing, but...
  7. Gyrocopter paradise: majorca Island, Spain
  8. 31 days of foreplay
  9. The flight that didn’t work out!
  10. First lesson
  11. Great Day
  12. A perfect flight to SBP!
  13. A trip across Europe
  14. Racing the Sun!
  15. Rotor Rapture!
  16. I meet the nicest people!
  17. Riding the Santa Ana wind
  18. Toys for Tots at L52
  19. Two word Briefing to Santa Paula!
  20. Runway 30 clear for takeoff!
  21. Seven days of asceticism!
  22. Christmas Eve flight gone wrong
  23. A route less traveled!
  24. Unanticipated Joy!
  25. Grandson's Gyro Flight
  26. A flight for Stan!
  27. Fun with Bob Hale!
  28. Four Days of Aviation Enchantment!
  29. 900 hours as pilot in command.
  30. Who was flying The Predator?
  31. Riding the Wind!
  32. That didn’t work out!
  33. The Escape!
  34. California Dreaming on a Winter’s Day.
  35. Aviation magic moment!
  36. More California Dreaming!
  37. Finally 70 Degrees
  38. Had a GREAT day in the Butterfly!!!
  39. Of Dreams, Flying Machines, and the ArrowCopter.
  40. First Time This Year!
  41. Homecoming
  42. Taking another turn
  43. Time with friends
  44. Sparrow Hawk visits Karamea
  45. Short Gyro venture in France.
  46. The Talk and Old Edna.
  47. Aussie Paul's April 2012 BFR
  48. Blown off runway 29.
  49. The Ninety Nines Poker Run!
  50. MTOSport Intro Flight - Austin Executive Airport
  51. Santa Paula Open Hangar Day.
  52. Oceano Airport Celebration Day!
  53. Warbirds Wings and Wheels III
  54. The Hollister Air Show Adventure!
  55. Canary Islands gyros around Andalucía & Portugal
  56. My MTO Sport experience
  57. Mid-West to West Cost Flight
  58. Are Snobird Gyros still for sale?
  59. Breakfast 'Cross-Country'
  61. Birthday Flight!
  62. The Bubba Factor?
  63. Santa Ynez Airport!
  64. R-44 clipper- ct to osh & mentone via........
  65. Unable to find the words!
  66. Pleasant memories....
  67. "Soul Session"
  68. looking to buy a gyro!!
  69. Down in the corn
  70. Hazy Days of Summer.
  71. The Camarillo Air Show adventure!
  72. Thunder Over the Valley Air Show 2012!
  73. First cross country trip in the ArrowCopter
  74. My 2012 Mentone Experience
  75. The Watsonville Air Show almost didn’t happen for us.
  76. A Route Less Traveled!
  77. Baby steps III - solo!!
  78. One thousand hours as pilot in command.
  79. A Great Flying Weekend
  80. T26 - Under the wire Fly-in
  81. Flying to the Ken Brock Freedom Fly In!
  82. The other guy KBFF fly-in pilot
  83. Four days of Aviation Foreplay!
  84. Canada Meets Texas
  85. Riding the Santa Ana wind to Watsonville!
  86. Poor Aviation Decision Making!
  87. Unusual ATIS at SBP!
  88. Solo Today!!!
  89. Another Santa Paula Adventure!
  90. I can see clearly now; the rain has gone.
  91. Top Fuel Gyro
  92. I Can See Clearly Now! take two
  93. Thanks Giving!
  94. A Short Flight with My Love!
  95. Sunset gyro tour downtown Houston.
  96. The joy of flight
  97. A languorous flight to Santa Inez!
  98. California Winter Wonder Land
  99. The Cable Air Show adventure!
  100. Greg Gremminger presentation on traveling cross country
  101. Calm, Clear and 51 degrees=must fly!
  102. Good Aviation Decision Making!
  103. Army Flight School Maps
  104. Gyro-grinn'n in OZ!
  105. A flight of Two Gyroplanes.
  106. Eleven hundred hours as Pilot In Comand!
  107. MD 500 E forced landing no injuries!
  108. The Hearst Castle Adventure!
  109. Hand flying The Predator!
  110. Future flying adventures!
  111. This is why we fly!!!
  112. The Venerable Vance Breese
  113. Dmitry’s Wild Ride in The Predator!
  114. Magni gyro tour East Australia
  115. Flying in the Mist.
  116. My 2013 flying adventure
  117. Saved by the Preflight.
  118. I was wrong!
  119. Unexpected Joy!
  120. MAGNI-ficent M16 High altitude Test Flight
  121. Aussie Gyro -tour.
  122. Oceano Airport Days!
  123. Tavares seaplanes flyin and blueberry pickn.........
  124. The Gyro World Tour
  125. The 2013 Hollister Air Show Adventure !
  126. Mars-One (one way flight to Mars)
  127. Good Flight Today...
  128. Flying to Columbia for Father’s Day.
  129. My Daughter's first ride...
  130. Recover RC plane with a helicopter
  131. How do you describe magic?
  132. Blue Angel Alley
  133. Flying to Santa Paula.
  134. Congrats to Barry Maggio
  135. Ed’s Birthday Flight to Santa Barbara!
  136. Yes, it is possible.
  137. One Way Astronaut to Mars
  138. Flying in the Wings Over Camarillo Air Show.
  139. Very Thankful to be Able to Fly
  140. Flying in the 49th Watsonville air show!
  141. The Blind Aviator's First Gyroplane Ride
  142. Another alvord trip
  143. A beautiful trip down to Croatia.
  144. A beautiful trip down to Croatia.
  145. Saturday seemed like a lovely day to fly.
  146. Ah ha, some great memories...
  147. The magic doesn’t fade for me.
  148. A very small fly-in
  149. 1,200 hours as pilot in command
  150. Gyroflying around the Globe
  151. Flying to the Ken Brock Freedom Fly-In
  152. GT Mills to Caddo Mills
  153. MAC Attack - Photos - ATC
  154. Flying to the Warbirds Over Paso Air Show!
  155. What a day!!!
  156. California Indian Summer Flight to SBA!
  157. Miami to San Diego
  158. Doomsday list requires a Gyro
  159. For thirty-five years ago
  160. The late, great Johnny Miller
  161. A flight of two to Camacho’s.
  162. Autumn Aviation Enchantment!
  163. A flawless flight to Santa Paula!
  164. Say2000
  165. A sudden change in the weather.
  166. Something special for my 1,000 post!
  167. Santa Barbara approach challenges!
  168. Vance an E-Ticket Ride
  169. Rode in Vance's Predator SMX <-> SBA
  170. I'm a little sad
  171. My first ride in a gyroplane!
  172. Flying in The Cable Air Show.
  173. Flying in Turks and Caicos
  174. You know it is windy when…...
  175. Never Too Young!
  176. Flying Blindfolded
  177. Valentine's Day Special
  178. A lovely surprise!
  179. Playing Hooky!
  180. Jetexec
  181. Vfr flight not recomended!
  182. A Spring Flight to Santa Ynez with Ed.
  183. Pilot friends don't let pilot friends drive
  184. Alaska Bush flying
  185. A talk about Aurogiros!
  186. Costa Rica bound
  187. It is great to be home.
  188. Cheating Death
  189. 1,300 hours as pilot in command.
  190. A good excuse to fly to El Mirage!
  191. Almost missed it
  192. Oceano Airport Celebration Day!
  193. Air Gyro found their Sothern California Representative.
  194. Hard to fly in calm wind
  195. Benton County Aviation Day
  196. Touring,vacation and part time living in Costa Rica
  197. Take off is optional, landing is mandatory
  198. Flying in the Hollister Air Show.
  199. Helping out fellow gyronauts
  200. SWARC Deland Gathering
  201. Flying the snake river with friends
  202. 1200 nm to Oshkosh in a Calidus
  203. Gyro touring - let's fly Morocco
  204. Deland to St Augustine and back
  205. The retest is scheduled for 9/27!
  206. Monarchist and MagKnight Cross Country Adventure
  207. Sebring Rotax Adventure
  208. I'm halfway there...the adventure continues!
  209. Gyro trip out west in Oz
  210. After over a decade of fixed wing distraction—a first gyro flight.
  211. MTO Sport and Calidus Reunite in Stephenville!
  212. Exploring the Space Coast
  213. Flying My Calidus Gyro
  214. Gyros over Africa - Kalahari Desert safari
  215. 1,400 hours as Pilot in Command.
  216. Four Spaniards around Oz
  217. Flight training at the Ken Brock Freedom Fly-In
  218. Kiowa
  219. Sunrise Spectactular
  220. more alvord
  221. Giro Africa
  222. Close Encounters of the B-17 Kind
  223. don't train yourself
  224. Gyro-Flying in New Zealand
  225. Article on Gyro-flying Vet in the Lufthansa-Magazin
  226. 19+ mph wind in the Dominator
  227. Minnesota winter flying in a Dominator
  228. First 100 hours in a gyro
  229. More Practice.
  230. Aerial America
  231. New Years Day Flying
  232. It is time to fly
  233. Celebrating Australia Day
  234. Gyrocopter-Military Aircraft Encounters
  235. 1500 hours as Pilot in command.
  236. Anyone Fly to El Monte EMT near LA?
  237. My training with Vance!
  238. 50 years as a licensed pilot
  239. My California Adventure...The Trip of a Lifetime!
  240. 1600 hours as pilot in command.
  241. Norm Surplus in E. NY.
  242. Aeronautical Decision Making
  243. Airline Pilots Just Being Pilots
  244. Flying adventure in Oz
  245. TTT=TeamToevsTitanium
  246. Texas to Maryland adventure....
  247. R-44 flight ct to fl
  248. More fun flying The Predator.
  249. Flight to Ouessant (Brittany France)
  250. Flight to Ouessant (Brittany France) 2