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  1. New Builder Joins the Butterfly Family
  2. Butterfly loves the wind..STABLE! You Bet!
  3. AeroTwin Butterfly
  4. New Super Butterfly/ Monarch ready for flight!
  5. Monarch
  6. Aurora Butterfly Gyroplane.
  7. Monarch Butterfly: who can report how it flies ?
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  10. Aurora Butterfly flying in Utah-Youtube
  11. Paul Black Interview with Larry Neal.
  12. Tim Verroi's Secret Aquisition has Arrived!!!!
  13. More Photos of Tango Victors Lancair Legacy
  14. Scott's Butterfly is off to a good start
  15. Super Sky Cycle Registered as a MotorCycle
  16. New Blue Monarch Butterfly.
  17. The Ultimate STOL Gyroplane.
  18. Super Sky Cycle ....Dressed Up!
  19. New Aurora Butterfly's youtube videos
  20. First video of the SSC: the flying motorcycle in action!
  21. The Flying Motorcycle Real Deal Flying Driving SSC
  22. Super Sky Cycle Slide Show.
  23. My Pre-rotator does 310rrpm in nil wind.
  24. Driving the Super Sky Cycle to the Store
  25. Larry's Gyro Recovery System & Other Ballistic Parachutes
  26. Driving the Super Sky Cycle to the Gas Station
  27. Monarch Flying at 35 mph winds!
  28. Low Level Paddock Bashing in Monarch
  29. SSC at Airventure 09
  30. SSC at Sturgis 09 Bike Rally WINS 2nd Place
  31. More on the SSC at Sturgis 09 Bike Rally.
  32. Folding rotor blades flying demo.
  33. 6 gallon extended tank
  34. Cross country in a Butterfly
  35. Some Fantastic pics of the Super Sky Cycle
  36. Met Larry yesterday...
  37. Butterfly Monarch - a few questions
  38. This is what Larry Neal was doing last Saturday
  39. This is Superb!!!!!!!!! Regisrtered on road and in the air...and doing it!
  40. Smooth as silk........Fly/Drive
  41. Monarch Owners Disc size and ATGFLG
  42. All Terrain G Force Landing Gear Upgrade for Monarch Butterfly Gyroplane
  43. Flying the Golden and Visiting Larry
  44. Latest Newsletter from the Butterfly LLC
  45. New Butterfly Video
  46. Extended Range Tank on my Butterfly
  47. Rotor brake for Electric Pre rotator
  48. step pegs for an open frame Monarch
  49. Metro Launch System
  50. New Ultralight Options !!!!
  51. Butterfly Gear
  52. Monarch forward facing rudder tube?
  53. AeroTwin Turbo 65 HP NZ Monarch.
  54. Butterfly is airworthy, pilot not!
  55. smoke system as on a Monarch.
  56. hyd brake lock
  57. extender selector befuddled
  58. Aurora Butterfly At Airventure 1
  59. rotor brake
  60. Aurora Butterfly Video at Airventure 2010
  61. Another video of a new Aurora.
  62. What to build.
  63. New Butterfly Takes Flight Labor Day!
  64. Border Patrol Aurora Butterfly Gyroplane
  65. Thought You Might Like To See This.....
  66. SSC & Turbo Golden get some air time
  67. MZ202 Engine protoyped for the New Ultralight Butterfly
  68. r. brake for monarch
  69. The Turbo Golden Butterfly gets MLS system
  70. Golden Turbo Butterfly Metro Launch System
  71. Larry Neal-Chief Test Pilot-Carter PAV4- Interview
  72. New Windshield for the Aurora/ Border Patrol Butterfly Gyroplane.
  73. Unprepaired Rough Field 3 Second Launch..Aurora Butterfly
  74. Turbo Golden Metro Launch System and the Double Rainbow windshields:
  75. The Law Enforcement Golden Turbo Gyroplane
  76. EAA Interview with Larry Neal
  77. Aurora Underway...AGAIN!
  78. Who is building/flying an Aurora?
  79. The "Super" Monarch
  80. 1st Butterfly Gyro in Brazil
  81. Ultralight Butterfly MZ 202 Builders
  82. monarch kit build and trailer
  83. Butterfly at NH U.L. Flyin
  84. Butterfly and 618
  85. butterflyllc at Oshkosh?
  86. Stop & Drop
  87. Aurora build -
  88. Ultralight Butterfly road trip
  89. Safety Alert!
  90. Farmer Jim and his Machine
  91. Larry Neal Design and parts
  92. Supplier info
  93. Kevin Eaton flying his ultralight Butterfly
  94. Another ultralight Butterfly flying in NM