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  1. Flying Video links
  2. O.K I'll kick it off with my first solo;
  3. My first solo
  4. My First flight on an Aircommand. Playing Low.
  5. A collection of gyro videos in iPod video format
  6. Amazing H2O2 Peroxide Powered Rotorcraft
  7. Introduction to Gyroplanes (Gyrocopters) by Dan Donley
  8. The Gyro Slicer "Get Yours Today!"
  9. Bensen Days 2006
  10. Bensen Days 2007
  11. Dan Donley's Tribute to Ken Brock
  12. PRA Chapter 1 X-country from El Mirage to Las Vegas (Early 70's ?)
  13. Gary Goldsberry Demo flights at Bensen Days with his Super Mac Bensen
  14. gyro practice
  15. Video of Airbet flying on windy day
  16. Nice Xenon Video
  17. What a great find at Walmart
  18. Ron Awad caught on camera
  19. Little Nellie walk around on you tube
  20. What do you get when you cross a Rodeo coyboy with a gyro?
  21. Virgin Galactic Presentation and Video
  22. Low Level
  23. helicopter aerobatics
  24. VIDEO Navy SEAL extraction was filmed from inside an MH-47 Chinook
  25. VIDEO Wright Patterson propaganda news-reel with autogiro footage
  26. Youtube rocks
  27. Gives new meaning to "JUMP TAKEOFF" Ability!
  28. Gators and Dogs dont mix..or do they
  29. What Happened To Cause This
  30. Not great flying, not a great video but its
  31. how is the pilot gonna explain this!
  32. 'flying the falls' High Definition Ultralight Adventure Movie
  33. Local airstrip video
  34. New Zealand coastal run
  35. rotorcraft crash vid
  36. NASA (Langley) Autogiro Video Archives
  37. Brazilian great stick
  38. Old Air Command news video from 1989
  39. Another Air Commander Video with Winter flying by Dennis Fetters
  40. Latest RHCI Mini-500 Helicopter demo video with new shots
  41. Video of Dennis Fetters hot-dogging 100hp Commander
  42. Florida flying 1-12-08
  43. Fetters Star-Lite UAV Helicopter New video
  44. Dillon Gatling Gun - Future Weapons
  45. Video of the mysterious LFINO enclosed jump takeoff side by side 'dominator'.
  46. Afghanistan Combat Medevac Opns
  47. Boeing 777 crash *vid*
  48. Low flyin 500
  49. Gyro High wind takeoffs at El Mirage
  50. Birdy & Jacko Flight Demo Asra Nats 2007 Australia
  51. My Fly Weekend
  52. Original Air Command 447 Commander Promo Video!
  53. Nettikette in the video thread
  54. Dennis Fetters' Jump-Takeoff Air Command Video
  55. VholdR and Oregon Scientific Helmet Cams
  56. a DIFFERENT kind of flying video
  57. Engines? He doesn't need no stinkin' engines...
  58. phot shoot at Salton Sea
  59. Two movies from Poland
  60. Gyro Nation Video
  61. ultralight explodes...guy jumps clear
  62. Ugly Chopper Stuff
  63. One more from Brazil - AC4 single
  64. eDVR USB Thumb Drive Video Camera First Look Flown on Blade CX 2 R/C chopper
  65. Gyroplane Rotorblade Coning Demonstration WARNING take Dramamine before viewing! eDVR
  66. from the Etosha to Vicfalls by Microlight
  67. As low a pass as you can get!
  68. Video Footage Japanese WWII Autogiro Testing Kellett KD-1A, Kayaba Ka-1a, Ka-2
  69. R/C Fairey Rotodyne gyroplane Crash
  70. Flying The Blades, Video from Rotorblade and cockpit on same flight eDVR and AT18
  71. Too Cool...........
  72. Experimental Video of Rotorhead in Flight using Oregon Scientific AT18 mini camera
  73. My gyro examiner showing off in front of a camera
  74. Video: Leading Edge of Rotorblades In Flight From The Perspective Of The Rotorhead
  75. Dangerous IFR Helicopter Flight In Winter Snow to Land On Frozen (koi) Pond!
  76. Dominator Gyroplane in action
  77. what software for youtube.
  78. GerGYRO's First Youtube VID
  79. GerGYRO's Second Vid - MUCH better!
  80. Neat video
  81. Video GerGyro Chapter III
  82. Getting better all the time! GYRO Video
  83. this IS a rotorcraft aint it
  84. plane loses wing in flight and manages to land
  85. Chapter IV: Wookie Retreat, the Gyro Vid
  86. Chapter V: First Country Video
  87. Gyros loops
  88. Flying Around my airstrip Video
  89. Show me your mount
  90. FINALLY with MUSIC! Video Chapter VI
  91. The 'Elephant Highway' Video
  92. Rigid Blades Demo Red Bull Helicopter Airshow
  93. 46 Helicopter airlift operation for terminally ill children in Ireland.
  94. Gyroplane takeoff after sunset from the perspective of the rudder!
  95. Bensen Days 2008 Videos
  96. Helicopter Training Podcast Videos
  97. Wow! Jet ride....Sweet :~)
  98. Video Podcasts Of Photos Taken From Scenic Helicopter Tours
  99. personal chopper video
  100. some wild helicopter action
  101. Bensen Days flying video with music
  102. Greg Spicola flying at Bensen Days 2008
  103. Ron Awad flying his Gyronimo at Bensen Days 2008
  104. Get On Top Of Me Woman
  105. Turbine Mosquito flying at Bensen Days 2008
  106. Sparrowhawk flying at Bensen Days 2008
  107. Crazy Train
  108. Homebuilt helicopter in China
  109. Lousy camera, go get it now!
  110. Workn class gyro
  111. Wauchula Boys
  112. funny (spoof) hunting video "must see"
  113. Matt Novotny tearin' up the sky at Bensen Days 2008
  114. Tim Verroi demos his G-force landing gear at Bensen Days 2008
  115. Mike Bantum flying his Xenon at Bensen Days 2008
  116. Knoxville, TN Sherrif's UH-1
  117. A little more BDs Video
  118. Roy Davis flying at Bensen Days 2008
  119. Is only me afraid of water
  120. Sky Crane Fighting Fires... Cool Vid Clip
  121. Rescue chopper gets tail rotor wet and crashes.
  122. Russian Rescue chopper looses altitude during turn and hits trees and crashes.
  123. Eurocopter Tiger does a loop.
  124. Helicopter does some fancy urban flying.
  125. A JetRanger pilot showing off gets too low and bounces the skids on a fly-by.
  126. Slow Motion Video of Student Landing Ed Newbold's SparrowHawk
  127. Bensen 1965 TV video
  128. Cockpit, the movie: MT03 in gusty weather
  129. Steve McGowan flying the Black at Bensen Days 2008
  130. Ugh... that head-banging music....
  131. Steve McGowan flying at Bensen Days 2008 (Without Music)
  132. Dave Prater flying his Super Mac Bensen at Bensen Days 2008
  133. Back in the air... After almost 2 months, with repairs, upgrades and fire suppression
  134. Videos on PRA TV
  135. Biser's New 582 UltraWhite in Flight for the First Time
  136. National Geographic Video Short Operation Migration
  137. Helicopters Flying
  138. New enclosed gyro in Brazil
  139. This guy is good
  140. Gyro report in German TV
  141. High Altitude Gyro Flying
  142. New video
  143. Kevin's youtube link for video
  144. Monarch Demo......4th July Weekend
  145. gyro or plane????
  146. 4th of july video no fireworks
  147. A typical Flight "Just for Fun" in SW Ohio...
  148. Flying The GyRonimo Straight Through The Sun
  149. Klamath Air Show
  150. fishing with a helicopter
  151. Learning to Fly The GyRonimo
  152. Really fun pilots
  153. low yankin and bankin
  154. Black and white Gyrobee video.
  155. Here you go Greg G., sum RAF stuff.
  156. Play time
  157. Raf
  158. "One of a Kind ..."
  159. Thomas is Flying
  160. Helmet Cam video
  161. Dominator landing gear in action-video
  162. F-16 Landing
  163. EAA Fly-in... yeehaw
  164. Bell 47 ride at Homers
  165. Helicycles at Homers
  166. Helicycles leaving for breakfast
  167. Fish & Flying = FlyFishing
  168. Rare "Event" caught on Video
  169. Tim and Tim, Fly-by of Mentone Field by Doug Gaudette
  170. Dominator "Death Spiral" short video by PPG Doug
  171. Extrondianry SLOW MOTION video of Mentone 2008 Gyro Landings by Doug Gaudette
  172. Morons on Holiday Video
  173. Mentone 2008 Aerobatics on youtube
  174. Youtube videos
  175. 2008 Oregon Air Show VIDEO
  176. Chinese gyro flight.
  177. Ultracruiser41 fly-by
  178. Bensen Days 2008 DVDs
  179. All Summer Long
  180. 2008 Mentone Convention EGG DROP contest, Full Version Starring Stan Foster
  181. Mosquito Experimental Helicopter Demo Video with Autorotation @ Mentone 08
  182. Did you miss taking an Intro Gyro Ride at Mentone? Take one now! Ride Video
  183. Rusty Nance, PRA Pres lands Dominator at Mentone, Vertical
  184. Barry Thigpen aerobatics in Primal Fear Giles 202 Mentone 08
  185. Video: Twinstarrs gyroplanes at Mentone 2008
  186. ---------- The Domination of Mentone ----------
  187. Video: The Magni Gyroplanes Flying At Mentone 08
  188. ---Mentone Rotorcraft Showcase Flyby---
  189. Hughes 500 night flying
  190. Xenon Floats
  191. what caused this? *vid*
  192. Aurora Takeoff And Landing Video
  193. sea plane
  194. Make Better Videos
  195. Aviomania Single seat, very stable Gyro, Video
  196. Anyone know who this is flying in Utah?
  197. Gnr Solo
  198. impressive chopper piloting
  199. Youtube video # of views
  200. The Best Helicopter in the World!!!
  201. New Tractor gyro
  202. 1994 clips of Chuck Beaty's gyro
  203. Mr. Benson himself
  204. Deadstick takeoff
  205. Why I Don't Miss The 8-Track (a word on Mini-DV recorders)
  206. Videos of Chuck Beatys 3-Bladed Rotorsystems:
  207. Even trikes are more stable with big tails
  208. consequences of me first solo circuit
  209. SportCopter build
  210. RAF 2000 Rotor Blades
  211. flying.... on two wheels
  212. New 500 movie
  213. A great weekend to fly and do stuff, go places, get buzzed, go upside down, get wet
  214. Dennis Kenyon's Final Fling?
  215. Check this out
  216. Gyro golf
  217. Full Throttle with the Blue Angels
  218. Gyro landing
  219. Goped prerotor
  220. Fresh video of the "Twist"
  221. dragonfly personal chopper
  222. Somax® flight video
  223. Fly Inn bike
  224. flying
  225. PPO...our biggest fear captured
  226. Sportcopter 2 Videos
  227. Wrens Flying Video!
  228. Xavier-Jean Marie !!
  229. Flying in Shasta Valley
  230. No Music Needed
  231. This video got me started
  232. Greg Spicola @ Bensen Days 2008
  233. A weight shift gyro
  234. GyroRon Flying at Wrens 2008
  235. Wrens 2008 Video -- Ron Awad "U-Turn" Landing
  236. More Moron Footage
  237. which engine?
  238. Jack Tiffany and his Pitcairn PA-18
  239. Amazing Gyro Glider
  240. Doug Smith's Very Cool 1st Fall Flying Video (and camera system info)
  241. Air-to-air: Using a Schweizer 300C to Shoot an Ag Plane
  242. Flying my Bensen
  243. Unbelievable Flying
  244. Florida Flying 11-6-08
  245. Gyro hang glider-yall might want to see this.
  246. Wrens video
  247. Destroyed in Seconds
  248. Power Line + Helo Video Wow!!
  249. More Wrens 2008 flying video
  250. Another video of Ron Awad flying at Wrens 2008