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  1. Honeybee/Gyrobee Info
  2. Readable HoneyBee Plans
  3. Gene Weber Honeybee
  4. Gyroman..or anyone else with some input
  5. Hornet Update?
  6. P-Factor
  7. GyroTech Honeybees
  8. Gyrobee initial planning
  9. VW Gyrobee?
  10. New Fuel Tank and Suspension
  11. GyroBee Photos
  12. CLT Gyrobee
  13. My buddy Barry Gyro bee
  14. New Suspension Update
  15. Gyrobees first flight today!
  16. Pictures pictures Pictures!!! Gyrobee
  17. Gyrobees Second day in the Air pics!!!
  18. Gyrobee videos in the Net?
  19. Gyrobee Construction?
  20. Gyrobee Nose Wheel Fork
  21. No Respect!
  22. Control Rod Vibration
  23. Blade Comparison
  24. Vacuume Sealed Fuel Tank
  25. View From a GyroBee Seat
  26. Honeybee Update
  27. Gyrobee Website Updates
  28. Nose Gear Modifications
  29. Honey Plans
  30. Gyrobee Download Update
  31. Re: Prerotator
  32. Question for Ralph
  33. "New-Bee" Engineering Student from Rhode Island
  34. StarBee Gyrobees Tail
  35. Can we get a master Gyrobee tools list?
  36. Building Questions
  37. Europ and rotorblades
  38. Street Dreams - aluminum
  39. Euro-Metric-GyroBee :-)
  40. Bending 1/8" wall tube, Build Update
  41. Hello from a new member
  42. The Gyrobee and SP/LSA
  43. Buffing the airframe OK? Safety issues?
  44. ROTAX! 447 vs 503
  45. Gyrobee Build Update
  46. Gyrobee parts question
  47. Service Ceiling limitations
  48. Gyrobee build Update 2
  49. Ok, will start building the Bee SOON!!! Questions, questions...
  50. Whats the difference between 6061T6 and 6063T6??
  51. Grandpa Prototype Bee 1984
  52. Cost of the gyrobee kit?
  53. Just wondering - real top speed for the Bee?
  54. gryobee around MI
  55. The Gyrobee and Part 103
  56. Painting the bee... what do/did you use?
  57. Flight simulator for the Bee?
  58. Is there a pic of the Wunderlich Prerotator?
  59. Preliminary parts list by size/section
  60. Mast Tube: Double or Single? Also tail boom question...
  61. Cut-sheet for Ordering Materials
  62. Nose fairing for the bee, instead of digipod?
  63. Ok, is it alright to attatch tail boom earlier?
  64. Full face helmet or Headset and goggles?
  65. Can you use the 3/16th Aluminum in place of all 1/8th steel?
  66. Question about cluster plates, why does StarBee have 2 separate ones?
  67. FLYING THE GYROBEE... takeoff-flying-landing procedures...
  68. Need 2 dimensions for tail section... (help)
  69. Why do some people NOT put the bend in the gear tube?
  70. WooHoo!! Keel and Tail boom pieces arrived from Wicks!!!
  71. Scotch Brite - what grade do I use?
  72. Aww Crap, did I get a bad mast from StarBee? Please say no!!!
  73. Wait a minute - missing hole in tail boom for seat brace?
  74. What cyclic control doesn't use the notch in the tailboom?
  75. Apologies to Dana and Starbee Gyros...
  76. 2 bees or not 2 bees... Plate part templates
  77. How do you cut the notch in the tailboom?
  78. Ground-To-Teeter Tower height?
  79. New Guy on the Block
  80. CRAP... Did I screw up my mast tube?
  81. Question about Alodine....
  82. Which one to build
  83. Celebrity
  84. Has anyone flown the Starbee tail yet?
  85. Watson Tail Plans
  86. Tightening bolts - any tips?
  87. What parts can I make using 3/16ths 6061T6?? Have access to machine shop...
  88. Rotor Head Cheek Plates - anyone have the specifications?
  89. CRAP!!! Aircraft Spruce doesn't have the AN960-316 washers!!! Can I use -10s instead?
  90. Another dumb question from me... where do I get the following parts?
  91. GyroBee "Construction Diary" officially begins
  92. Bee's Tall Tail
  93. Finally... got my cluster plates done!!
  94. Aluminum and cold weather...
  95. Picture of my airframe....
  96. Bank Account Setup for Expensive Items
  97. QUICK!! How much alodine to I need?
  98. Watson Tail Weight?
  99. Safety record for the Bee...
  100. Bees at ROC!!!
  101. Keel is 1/8 inch off... would you redo it?
  102. And so it begins...
  103. Tail options for the Bee...
  104. Can I make Shock Plate from 3/16ths Alum.?
  105. I spent the money
  106. Airframe Materials Arrived!!!
  107. Seat position and CG - centerline thrust...raise my seat?
  108. New Cordless Hacksaw
  109. Why do some people have the extra seat support on the mast?
  110. Dang, Can I cut an inch off the engine mount?
  111. *sigh* Keep screwing up....
  112. Axle struts
  113. Progress report...
  114. Starbees' new nose block - awesome.
  115. 6th times a charm - new cluster plates....
  116. Flowers for Chuck Irby's funeral & the Irby Family
  117. Punch/shear
  118. Wow!! 2"x2" angle is at Wicks!!!
  119. Why is fuel tank mount so strong!!! Wow!!!
  120. New construction pics and questions!
  121. Today Barry K made his first flight in his BEE!
  122. Band Brakes
  123. Deburring tool for sawn parts
  124. Tank Mount Frame
  125. Ground running an engine
  126. Queen Bee Progress
  127. Primer not sticking to inside corner of angle...
  128. What the hey!
  129. GyroBee Redundant Mast Cutting
  130. Bensen type head
  131. Precision cuts past 60 degrees
  132. New Suspension
  133. Rough layout of Queen Bee
  134. Oil Injection
  135. Rudder Pedal Distance for Tall/Short Pilots
  136. Catastrophe with my Bee.... paint flaking off in sheets...
  137. 45 minute DVD about my Bee
  138. Tail question
  139. Why no trim tabs - either elevator or rudder?
  140. Use of hardwood in the Fairlead Block
  141. More Bee Progress: Rudder Pedals
  142. Gyrobee performance at high altitude
  143. My airframe hanging up in my room...with 100% more pics!!!
  144. How are tails attached?
  145. Assembled Airframe picture...
  146. Engine switch question
  147. New Instrument Pod
  148. This project just got serious...
  149. Ultracrusier 41's failed suspension mod
  150. ul gyrobee adjustment for 260 lb pilot
  151. Front Suspension
  152. gyrobee engines???
  153. 90% review of QB tail
  154. Checklist for Gyrobee? Preflight and other?
  155. gyrobee download site???
  156. Dragon Wings
  157. Bee Fuel Tank
  158. Rotax 440 for the GyroBee?
  159. Barry K did his solo gyroplane flight today!!!
  160. All starbee all the time
  161. Dragon Wings On A Gyrobee
  162. Drilled my first part today
  163. Fairing
  164. Drilling Pictorial
  165. Nose wheel steering springs
  166. Bee project on hold for a while....
  167. Question about T6 Alum. Tube, Angle and Sheet stock
  168. First Order Came In Today
  169. New nose block available from StarBee...
  170. Training Wheels for gyro
  171. Bee Build Progress
  172. GyroBee rudder offset
  173. pre-rotator
  174. The Punching Work Pays Off
  175. Build Update
  176. Gyrobee question
  177. Recoil Prerotator
  178. building the bee for me
  179. 447 on Gyrobee
  180. Bee Talkin'
  181. Creative ways to bend the axle tubes?
  182. BeeDifferent Update
  183. 4 Ralph Taggart
  184. Introduction
  185. Where do we get those Heim rod ends? and building new hangar!!
  186. U-Brackets and Stainless Steel Parts Farmed Out
  187. Where to buy the Aluminum Cheapest?... or any parts for that matter.
  188. Cluster Plate Issues
  189. Preliminary QB Instrument Pod
  190. Rudder Pedal Question
  191. QB Finally Comes Together!
  192. Hang Test
  193. Sheet metal parts layout?
  194. 16" wheels on Bee ?
  195. Delta Echo progress
  196. Dimensions of stock Gyrobee?
  197. Notching Enging Mount Diags.
  198. Clearance
  199. Starbee Kits
  200. Aaaaaahhh, finally the bee "hive" begins construction..
  201. New Member / New Bee
  202. Newbie / Bee #2
  203. Nose-wheel bolt length
  204. Powder Coat Thickness
  205. Blade Pitch
  206. My GyroBee Build.
  207. Honeybee Tailgroup Assembly
  208. Pre-rotatin"
  209. New Sno-bee updates
  210. Making the Pedal Brackets
  211. More Pedals
  212. Digipod?
  213. Fairlead Block Forming
  214. New Lone Star Gyro pics
  215. Trim Springs on Sportcopter Head?
  216. Rudder pedal linkages
  217. More QB Progress
  218. Delta Echo, anodised
  219. Starbee Tank
  220. Me Stick
  221. I'm back! Anything new? Been out of it for a while!
  222. Question about pedal pivots...
  223. Starbee Tail
  224. Lengthening the keel for a tall guy
  225. Prog: Tail Wheel Plates
  226. Slow Going!
  227. A Few Design Notes
  228. Not bending the axle tubes?
  229. Noseblock: Fe or Al?
  230. Seat Measurements
  231. Seat plate question regarding thickness....
  232. Rotordyne Blades on eBay
  233. Where do we get the Heim HF-4 fittings?
  234. Speedway Motors Seat
  235. Another seat option... seat tank?
  236. I Drilled the First Holes Tonight!
  237. Instrument pods - small ones?
  238. What parts DON'T you paint?
  239. New StarBee Updates!
  240. Main Gear Struts
  241. Vacation?
  242. To bee or not to bee that is the question
  243. Is There a Grain Direction to Aluminum Sheet?
  244. Where do you get your tailwheel?
  245. One of those (expensive) days
  246. GyroBee vs Hornet
  247. My GyroBee
  248. How to "make weight" in the Gyrobee.
  249. Another one of those expensive days (Plus a tip on how to bend the axle struts)
  250. Is there a problem with my pedals? With pics!